June 04, 2016 Amsterdam Holland Europe

Schiphol Airport: The International Concourse

I've been waiting so long to visit Amsterdam's airport again; last time being 12 years ago. Heard a lot about its size and variety of shops, big restaurants, ideas as well as its setup which gives it a cozy and welcoming feel. Arriving from Lima we landed at the international terminal reaching a main shopping area after walking hundreds of meters.


Apparently the terminal is divided into many areas. The international hall leading to the gates and another main terminal after passing passport control. What's good about it is that it doesn't look like a terminal. It's beautifully decorated and lit inviting you to walk around or sit for a drink.

Schiphol uses a one-terminal concept, where all facilities are located under a single roof, radiating from the central plaza. The terminal, though, is divided into three sections or halls designated 1, 2 and 3. To all of these halls, piers or concourses are connected. However, it is possible, on both sides of security or border inspection, to walk from between piers, even those connected to different halls. The exception to this is the low-cost pier M: once airside (past security), passengers cannot access any other areas. Border control separates Schengen from non-Schengen areas. Schiphol Airport has approximately 165 boarding gates.

Schiphol has large shopping areas as a source of revenue and as an additional attraction for passengers. Schiphol Plaza is the shopping centre before customs, hence it is used by air travelers and non-traveling visitors.


The terminal's main features:

  • Starbucks reserve, the famous coffee shop latest creation taking a fast coffee place to higher levels of finesse and coffee education.
  • Johnnie Walker flagship shop proposing the complete selection of signature bottles as well as a blue label special edition for Schiphol airport.
  • McDonalds, an Italian restaurant, a juice parlor and a French cafe.
  • ABN Amro banking services.
  • Luxury brands shops.
  • Large choices of technological good, perfumes and chocolates.
  • M&M boutique.
  • Local delicatessen produces.
  • Toys store.
  • Frames, the restaurant wth a smoking area.
  • Many seating and relaxation areas.


After passport control is another terminal with more shopping and restaurants, another section which deserves a review of its own.





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