February 04, 2015

Severin's Food Dehydrator: Make Your Own Healthy Snacks at Home

Create your own healthy, dried fruit and veg snacks with our easy-to-use Food Dehydrator. It's also excellent for preserving seasonal fruit all year round to use in your marmalades, jams and salsas.


Simply slice your chosen fruit and arrange on one of the five height-adjustable trays, where a gentle heat from the base will flow evenly through, drawing away moisture without cooking the contents. Flavours and aromas are preserved and concentrated, and shelf life is extended too.


It's super for making candied peel and can be used for drying out herbs too, or why not try 'sun-drying' your own tomatoes. How about you head down to Khoury Home and ask for one. It's available at a special price of $76 with a one year guarantee and you can start...


A Valentine's gift for your "health freak" loved one?

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