March 29, 2012 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Silver Restaurant, Beirut Souks (Restaurant Closed)

"I used to love Silver by C&G, but it has been replaced by Casper & Gambini's". 

Silver by C&G which has now been renamed and rebranded to the famous Casper& Gambini's, although for same owners, I still prefer Silver to Casper&Gambini's and don't know why they changed it.

Some say that people were not accepting the new concept and once it went back to its original concept, the place picked up once again, In all cases I liked Silver a lot. It was one of the first places to open in the now popular Beirut Souks. I remember going into the place and enjoying the silver clear decoration and an excellent cuisine in a laid back atmosphere, ideal for a business 'lunch' meeting at any time of the day.

Silver by C&G was something of a novelty for the company which traditionally focuses on coffee and even has its own roast. True to form, they retained a full page for coffee and espresso drinks, including a signature “white coffee” herbal infusion; but the café feel has been balanced with an eclectic yet selective menu ranging from American to Italian cuisine. Entering the restaurant felt a little bit like stepping fifty years into the past and future simultaneously. There was a certain retro feel to the place, generated by its gaudy colors, vinyl seating and diner-style layout, that would seem to place it squarely in the 1950s; yet with a futuristic twist. The décor was chrome and glass, and the forms all lean towards an obtuse geometry. The end result is nostalgic, trendy and charming all at once.

The food was certainly excellent. Portions were moderate but rich. A few highlights stand out – edamame with teriyaki sauce as an appetizer, the pasta, the thick and juicy burger and the chocolate fondant dessert, and their mouth-watering chocolate molten tart all of which were made daily by the restaurant’s Italian head chef.

As I am not a big fan of Casper & Gambini's anymore since it changed a lot from the days we used to visit the first branch in Jal El Dib, I would have preferred if Silver stays since it was different. Too bad - at least I got the chance to try it.



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