March 04, 2015 Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Snack Fady: Foul, Hummos and Saj in Zakrit (Restaurant Closed)

Phone Number: +961 3 258675

Address: Zakrit road towards Nahr el Kaleb, Facing the Medco Station, Mazraat Yachouh, Metn, Lebanon


Price Range: 5-25 $

Having Lunch at Fady's in Zekrit (Restaurant Closed)

There is a saying in Arabic, “Il knise il aribe mab teshfe” which roughly translates to mean that everything nearby doesn’t satisfy… We love going the extra distance to find a good place to eat… Why do we do that when some really good places are just a few minutes away? 


Today, I was introduced to Fady Yammine, a gentleman who cooks tasty foul, hummos and Saj bread in Zakrit, a village located between Nahr el Kalb River and Mazraat Yachouh. Thank you my friend Abdo for the introduction. 

Fady was known as the master of "Nayy" or the oriental flute but stopped his music career due to heart sickness. Almost a year now, Fady changed his career and opened his own little restaurant where he serves breakfast, lunch and dinner down the road to the Dog River. 

Facing the blue station, this snack joint isn't an eye-catching restaurant: Nylon, old stickers, a tent, and the place looks more like a local bakery. But don't judge the book by its cover – Fady prepares a selection of breakfast items as well as meat and pork related bites. I have enjoyed some of the best Balila in town and the bread he makes... yum! 


Let's have brunch:

  • Balila: Can you imagine enjoying a flavorful plate of Balila prepared in the Metn? I honestly didn’t! Why go to Bourj Hammoud, Tyre or Tripoli... I have tasted some unique Balila produced by a passionate man called Fady. A tender mix of chickpeas cooked to perfection, melting under the teeth, soft like you can never imagine, with a strong flavor of olive oil. I was amazed and the best part is that it’s located three minutes away from home.
  • The Msanba7a is even better. The same cooked chickpeas, small chickpeas, with tahina. Lightly salty, the lemon, the olive oil, the mix of ingredients... I'm still in shock! I have been touring the country for the best foul and what I tried today surely was an unexpected positive plus to my plan!
  • Foul:I'm not sure how many hours he cooks them to become that tender, but they're great. Premium olive oil, lemon and much love. You know how hard it is to prepare these things without garlic and keep them flavorful? A success! They have a modern flavor yet are authentic and good.
  • Now for the Saj.Thin and crunchy corn flour bread, thin like paper, crunchy like biscuits, a Saj we're used to up in the mountains usually prepared by our grandma. Fady manages to do them right. For a closer look, I asked for a Zaatar Mankouché mixed with water, no oil, to try the lighter version. 
  • Eggs and Kawarma: Served in a clay pot, the eggs are fried to perfection. Heavy like they should be, the mix is juicy and fatty but super enjoyable. Wrap a bite in Saj bread and let your taste buds flow... Some things can be described, others can only be tasted. Respect!
  • The cooked eggplant:Yes, you heard right, that's something special. As simple as it is, a whole 500grm eggplant, grilled, pealed and served. So tender, so fresh and so healthy, the eggplant is a meal on its own. If you like eggplants, Fady should be visited for sure. Ask for a mix of salt, lemon and olive oil, prepare a bite, wrap it in markouk bread, dip it in and enjoy.
  • Best for last...They have chocolate crêpe, we have Chocolate Saj and it's even better. Imagine a thin Saj spread with chocolate, warmed and absorbed by the bread before throwing in a couple of bananas. Melting chocolate, super crispy bread with a chewy aftertaste. What's interesting about it is the saltiness that hits as an after note. Lovely indeed. 


If you live in the Metn area and feel like trying something new and tasty, then head down to Fady;a is located on the Zakrit road down from Mazraat Yachouh before reaching Nahr el Kalb. Facing the Wardieh station, a prefab house waits to welcome you by the road. If you live further, make it a point to come…

Snack Fady, Zekrit main road +961 3 258675


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