November 20, 2016 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Sun Dried Tomatoes: Panini and Bruschetta in Achrafieh (Restaurant Closed)

Sun Dried Tomatoes is a new panini house in Achrafieh. Recently opened, this place offers 12 panini sandwiches, 5 bruschetta and 4 salads. The place is fresh... White walls, a wooden bar with red colors that reminds you of the name, a colorful cartoonish menu... Watch the chef behind the counter prepare the sandwiches through an open kitchen. It's a fast food joint with three high tables and some high stools. One of the walls looks like if it's covered with bricks painted in white.


On the menu you will find panini's that include mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, prosciutto parma, coppa, bresaola, quattro fromaggi, pollo, salmone, veggie, labneh and peanut butter... di cotto, di parma, di veggie, di formaggi and di salmone.

While Italian music played in the background, I ordered three items from the menu.


Food is good!

  • A big sized bruschetta made with imported Italian bread. Crunchy borders, a lightly toasted bottom with a load of ingredients on top. Tender bread that needs a bit more toasting, warm and moist goat cheese, molten yellow cheese, sun dried tomatoes add a boost of acidity and the fresh mushrooms make it feel fresh. Pesto is here to perfume it and balance it. No garlic is used in the preparation of this sandwich. 
  • Salmon sandwich: Very good bread, crunchy and not chewy. Smoked salmon slices and the homemade sauce. A good sandwich but would have loved to feel more tanginess, more lemon, probably some capers and probably more sauce.
  • The Pollo or chicken panini is a good one. Pesto, tomatoes, juicy chicken and mozzarella cheese. Even though pesto is overpowering, it's an interesting and juicy sandwich!


Good sandwiches are being prepared in Achrafieh. Give this Sun Dried Toamtoes a try.





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