September 07, 2020

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Together we can!


Lebanese around the world and everyone who loves this marvelous country: help us rebuild our country!

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Beirut for sure, without forgetting the rural villages; Lebanese citizens all around the country need help! We will continue our tour around the villages, organizations, orphanages, elder retirement houses, businesses in need, and beyond!


After the huge success of the ongoing campaign "Kol W Ta3me", here comes a new initiative, focusing on the country's produce, Mouneh, artisans and farmers while supporting people in need. Supporting the villages, buying this summer’s hard work of vegetables, boosting the local rural economy, and making sure all the fresh produces and "Mouneh" are sold, this new initiative has been created.

Men Kel Lebnen

Kol W Ta3me

"Kol w Ta3me" initiative aims to support local businesses, small restaurants, home artisans & hard workers while feeding people in need. Supporting and boosting the economy, one small amount at a time. During this summer season, we will be visiting small businesses, supporting them with a generous amount of money which they will use to prepare food for people in need. After that, the goods will be carefully distributed for local NGOs, associations, and families around Lebanon. From Saida to Tripoli, from Antelias to the Bekaa valley, we will try to cover the entire territory. NoGarlicNoOnions aims to distribute thousands of food portions before the end of summer.

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