November 27, 2014 Antelias Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Sushi from Maison M: Good Quality, Great Price

I was receiving friends over for dinner and had to think of something quick to eat. I remember seeing ready-made sushi packs sold at Maison M in Antelias. Yes, I know that I haven't written a proper review about Maison M yet, but let's starts with their sushi experience.


What my wife and I did was get three serving plates from home to Maison M (The new Makhlouf shop in Antelias) and asked them to fill them out with a selection of makis and sashimi. Beautiful looking, the plates made everyone happy.

Let me start by the experience: I was amazingly welcomed by the staff and the rolls didn't take too much time to be prepared.  

Back home: I ate from everything. The rice was well cooked, very slightly firm, covered with fresh fish, a savory rice, with a juicy heart and soft feel. An interesting a subtle sweetness coming from the rice vinegar is just correct.


It’s not fine dining sushi, but casual fast food sushi that offers a great value for money. Every roll is sold at an average of a thousand five hundred Lebanese liras only. Yes, the prices are ridiculously low for pieces having a decent size and good taste.


An amazing price, good rolls, casual and prepared with dedication, I surely would order them again whenever I want to prepare for a quick, last minute dinner. The best part is that they do not contain unnecessary sauces and juices, they are filled with fish and are enjoyable as is, no need even for soy sauce.

Maison M Naccach: +961 4 444260

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