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SushiPlus, A Japanese in Montreal
Casual Dining

Phone Number: +1 514 227 3938

Address: 1248 BEAUMONT AVE MONT-ROYAL QC H3P 3E5, Montreal, Canada


Price Range: 15-30 $

It was a great day for an open sushi. We headed towards "Sushi Plus" at Acadie to discover there was a waiting list until we got seated. 

Sushi_Plus_Retaurant_MontrealPhoto 3-2-13, 2 49 30 PM

40 minutes later we were kindly seated and the waitress gave us each our cup of tap water. On our table was a pack of papers which were used as menus as well as our order. We ticked what seemed to be the most appetising and mouth-watering.

The choices were very various , including:

A platter, soups, appetisers, sushi, sashimi, temaki, dessert and a can of soft drink; and all for 14.99 CAD only.

Sushi_Plus_Retaurant_MontrealPhoto 3-2-13, 2 55 00 PM

The same waitress comes back takes our order with an indifferent look, haste-fully and without even asking if we wanted anything to drink, luckily we only wanted water.

Around ten minutes later our order was on our table, delicious, and exquisite.

The only problem was that sushi cannot be tasted without ginger! We ordered the first time, then a second time, the waitresses seemed to ignore our request. We ordered ginger the third time and after creating an excuse that they were out of ginger, she had to open a new can, we finally got our ginger plate. Sushi_Plus_Retaurant_MontrealPhoto 3-2-13, 3 14 04 PM

The food was the tastiest I've ever tried, but the staff was very unfriendly.

We could not have a word with any waitress, every time we called for them they would tell us with their own words "one second we are busy!" Why not hire someone if they know they cannot serve all their customers in a kind way?

Sushi_Plus_Retaurant_MontrealPhoto 3-2-13, 3 14 28 PM

All in all our sushi experience was not bad, it would be have been way better with friendlier waiters and welcoming ambiance...

PS: Even the website is not appealing and not welcoming. I didn't like it all.

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