October 15, 2019

The 100-year Evolution of 9 Kitchen Appliances

If you’re like us, your kitchen is one of your favorite places in your home. Equal parts chemistry lab and rec room, it’s easy to lose an entire afternoon trying to get that recipe for grandma’s cookies just right.

But today’s kitchen looks very different than what your grandmother was used to. As technology has advanced, our kitchen appliances have become more and more high-tech, making cooking faster, more convenient, and maybe a little less instinctual.

But these changes didn’t happen all at once. The appliances we surround ourselves with have gone through subtle changes over the past one hundred years. When did we take the most innovative leaps? How’d we get the coffee makers we have today? What will toasters look like in another decade? Our researchers and designers put their heads together and charted the evolution of a few of our favorite kitchen appliances.


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