January 13, 2016

The Agenda Beirut: Table Settings & Menus Ideas

This special workshop will carry a lot of information from 2 of the industry's experts: Cynthia Bitar (Nazira Catering) will conduct the workshop along with Maria Boustany (Chateau Rweiss) at the same time and will both be designing the sessions to discuss menu ideas and concepts while designing the table setting suitable for the theme.

The Agenda Beirut

In the first session, Cynthia will discuss the basics of every menu while Maria will teach how to set a table according to different styles.

In the second session, Cynthia will interact with the attendees about the new trends in house dinners from finger foods to new ingredients or displays while Maria will discuss new concepts and trends in table decoration and cutlery while giving the contacts of suppliers.

In the third session, Cynthia will give different menu ideas according to different social and formal occasions while Maria while give different designs and concepts according to different themes.

In the final session, it will be an execution session at the kitchen of Nazira where the attendees will learn and execute a full menu while setting a table with its decoration and cutlery.

  • Price 600$
  • 4 Tuesdays as of 18 January from 11am-1:30pm
  • Location: The Agenda Beirut

Maria Boustany & Chef Cynthia Bitar

Chef Cynthia Bitar 1998-present: Owner & Executive Chef at Nazira Catering 2000-present: Cooking Classes to Professional and Amateur 2010-present: Executive Chef at RARE The Restaurant EDUCATION 1996-2000: Institut Paul Bocuse – Lyon, France.

Maria Boustany Since 2009 Maria is the PR MANAGER OF CHATEAU RWEISS. She supervised hundreds of elite weddings and corporate events all through the years with the most important clients and VIPS. She is behind the successful & niche PR plan Chateau Rweiss follows. Maria has a degree in PR and a Master Degree in International Affairs & Diplomacy from NDU. Her expertise around the most magnificent weddings held at that venue and her one on one work with all the events planning industry along with her passion for it, granted Maria a humongous knowledge in the field.

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