October 08, 2013

The Cupcakery: Rich in Colors and Flavors (Closed)

Sometimes I come across a place, new or old, that seriously makes me love what I do. The Cupcakery is one of those places that make you want to come always - first it's nice English feel is very welcoming and second, the Cupcakery is always working on developing new pastries that are truly mind blowing and you know me... am not the one to exaggerate.
Opened in 2010, this family business that started as a hobby at home then developed into bringing known recipes from London to Lebanon. Of course, the owners restructured the recipes, names and designs, creating everything from scratch catering to the Lebanese market adding to it the homemade feel. What started as a cupcake store moved into creating customized big cupcakes for parties, cookies, muffins and brownies.
Cupcakery offers 17 different flavors as well as four weekly specials, depending on the seasons, occasions like Ramadan's special Turkish delights...Red Velvet to Carrots cupcakes, cookies, brownies and muffins, cake pops for events, decorated cookies as well as continuously new items like their newly launched line of Oreo cheese cakes and more..
  • Mini 2,500L.L
  • Normal 4,750L.L
  • Big cake 55,000L.L to 75,000L.L
My story with The Cupcakery started a couple of weeks ago while at a dinner party at our friends:  Hassan and Mayssa. The beginning of a love story started during dessert when I discovered the cupcakes from The Cupcakery. I am really not exaggerating, but I have hardly ever tasted cupcakes that moist and tasty before. That was when I decided to pay them a visit. The_Cupcakery_Cupcakes_Beirut27
The place:
As you walk into the boutique you feel soothed with an overall light blue color. More colors are expressed through the cupcakes on display that just make you smile.
  • A one door shop
  • A very high ceiling giving way for the sunny spells of the day
  • A light blue and colorful ambiance all by being classy
  • The cupcakes display fill the place with colors
  • A  line of glass tiles on the floor, add a touch of finesse
  • To the left, three posters in thick wood frames decorate the wall
  • A grey floor, looking clean and neat
  • A table, t the end of the shop displays different ideas of cakes

The menu: Babyface, Strawberry & Cream, Island Girl, Rising Sun, Banana Caramel Fudge, Red Head, Rebel in Red, Minty Breeze, A Chocolate Affair, Banana Split, Toffee Caramel, Pina Colada, The Sultan, The Queen, Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Dreams, Orange Zing, Heart of Gold, Chocolate Surprise.

I tried today:
  • Banana Split: Ouf, how can I describe this piece of heaven in a few words. Covered with banana paste, a double banana mix that is simply majestic. Yum... I was standing in the shop and couldn't but say WOW! Everybody turned to me like if I was an alien


  • A Chocolate Affair: This is not your usual cupcake. Imagine strong chocolate and marshmallow frosting, this spongy and moist cupcake is to die for.


  • Rising Sun Tangy Lemon: The taste of the lemon zest revealed through the icing is amazing. This cupcake is rich and adequately sweet.


  • Chocolate Surprise: This is my favorite. Just think of marshmallow cream dipped in dark chocolate...just like Tarboosh (formerly known as Ras el Abed). Smooth and airy inside with chocolate around until you reach the spongy layer underneath, every flavor is felt around your mouth.


  • Oreo: A layer of chocolate cake, crunchy biscuit and cheese cake filling. Bite in and enjoy the flavor of each layer


It didn't end here, I took home with me: The crispy cereals: Try their new crispy cereal cakes now available in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Strawberry Chocolate flavors! Lemon muffin: The best muffins I had in Lebanon to date. Juicy and moist, they are simply extraordinary.

The next time you're looking to try some tasty, moist and rich cupcakes - The Cupcakery is a good choice... I will definitely be back again soon. Cupcakery also delivers to your home....





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