December 21, 2014

The Spoonteller: Cozy, Relaxing, Tasty and Enjoyable (Restaurant Closed)
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +961 9 222 566

Address: Espace 2000 Street Al Kaslik, Mont-Liban, Lebanon


Price Range: 40-70 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 26/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Value for money: 8/10

Opened three months ago on the Kaslik road next to Olio and Soto, this new restaurant offers some interesting things. A terrace on the sidewalk, a white wooden facade, two trees outside: The first impression is good.


The place:

  • A large rectangular space with a warm feel during day or night 
  • To the right, a bar welcomes you, while a white wall decorates the left side
  • Decorative lights fill the space, some hanging from the ceiling, while others light up the white wall
  • Facing the entrance, the open kitchen shows the busy beehive inside carefully preparing orders
  • Wooden tables surrounded by black chairs full up the space
  • A cool decor, a calm ambiance, a clear space and a warm feel that are all relaxing to the senses
  • The toilets are nice, clean and fresh 

The Spoonteller is owned and managed by Samya and her son Tarek. Meet Samia, the passionate cook making sure every detail is mastered to perfection. Talk with Tarek, who has a smile on his face constantly... The restaurant put a smile on my face too. 


The menu:

  • Starting
  • Indulgence
  • From the Sea
  • Earth
  • Sweets
  • With Your Spoon
  • Mix&match
  • Lunch Formula

Lunch started as a table outside was set with nylon placemats and colorful cups. Afterwards, a wooden cutting board supporting a fine loaf of crispy, crunchy premium bread from Prunelle, covered with sesame and seeds and with a fluffy, warm heart landed on the table. It's not enough to have bread from a good provider, it's also important to prepare it well.

We ordered:

  • Goat cheese and bacon aumoniére (served on a bed of mixed leaves with balsamic dressing) LBP19,000. Three chunks of goat’s cheese wrapped in puff pastry and filled with chewy bacon. A full-bodied flavor, well seasoned and with a gentle crunch when your bite into the thin pastry. In the middle, a load of fresh greens is dressed with balsamic vinegar. An interesting salad, for sure.


  • The homemade potato purée: I loved its butter intensity, it's strength, its olive oil dressing and presentation in a porcelain casserole. I enjoyed the saltiness, the smoothness... Bravo!


  • Penne Carbonara (eggless, served with smoked salmon chunks) LBP24,000. Well cooked, not al dente but enjoyable, penne fingers mixed with diced smoked salmon and bacon cubes. A strong creaminess and a wonderful taste, perfectly balanced by the salmon’s zest on top. But that's not a Carbonara! I’ll call it salmon penne, if I may.


  • Seafood curry (served with coconut milk) LBP32,000. Chapeau! As they say in French. Next to a small portion of rice, a copper marmite is guaranteed to amaze you as you dig in. A curry sauce, where a good portion of grouper, calamari and shrimp bathe with thinly sliced, cooked vegetables. A perfect sauce, tender vegetables, juicy fish and lots of love, a feeling which was transmitted to me: I loved it! For a restaurant, that's a very creative dish, something entirely unconventional.


  • Tartare de boeuf (juicy Black Angus made a la minute) LBP35,000. Juicy it is, Black Angus tenderness for sure, but the chunks are a bit too big and the spiciness is a bit too pronounced. Let's say it's a special version of spiced raw meat. On the other hand, I adored the steamed vegetables that came on the side, they're really exceptional: A beautiful color, tender, an enjoyable crispiness and some intense richness.


Before dessert we were offered a locally made alcohol, a mix of whisky and honey: Very flavorful and aromatic and just right to be enjoyed as a shot, or digestif.

A great lunch, let's see about dessert:

  • Baba au Rhum LBP11,000: A spongy and juicy heart, whipped cream and amareddine juice with a little portion of rum. I loved the texture but it lacked enough rum. It's a kind of baba revisité.
  • Chocolate Dome LBP12,000: Other than the ritual that will make your mouth water, this multilayered chocolate cake is one I'd come back for. An intense chocolate taste, beautiful textures, sponginess, smoothness, creaminess and a strong, nutty crunch at the end. I loved it! This dessert is different and unique; It was the first time I dig into a cake and not a simple mousse. Bravo!


The minuses:

  • Service is good... Please don't over do it.
  • I'd love to hear Spoonteller’s story and the idea behind the name
  • When plates are changed (revisited your way), it should better be marked on the menu

The pluses:

  • I think it’s a great concept
  • Beautiful decor and architecture
  • The menu is clean and clear, presented in a white carton on one piece of paper
  • I loved the food, and most importantly, the options

Dear residents of Jounieh and Keserwan, you now have a decent restaurant close to home offering great food at a reasonable price. Even if you live in Beirut, it's worth going all the way to Kaslik for the Spoonteller.





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