September 02, 2019 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Touring Lebanon with Luke and Sabrina: Day 1 of 3 in Beirut

Traditional Lebanese Food Tour in Beirut with NoGarlicNoOnions!! (Check out Luke's Channel)

Welcome to LEBANON - a country full of delicious and vibrant street foods and traditional dishes! We teamed up with our friend from No Garlic No Onions, Anthony Rahayel, to see the BEST traditional Lebanese food, restaurants and markets in the country. We went on a street food BLITZ eating over 10 foods in this video!!! In this episode, part 1 of 3, we are exploring the capital city Beirut, on a street food mission. Anthony shows us ALL around to some of his favorite breakfast spots and chefs! Prepare for fresh Lebanese manoushe, sfiha, foul, hummus, CHEESY knefeh, the greatest breakfast feast ever from Al Soussi and homemade traditional ice cream! 



A massive thank you to Anthony for sharing his country's food and culture with us! Stay tuned for our second episode in Lebanon coming soon. Next time, we're visiting the ancient city of TRIPOLI!!! Make sure you're subscribed with the bell notification turned ON so you never miss an episode!

(Luke's Visit to Beirut)


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Touring Lebanon with Luke and Sabrina: Day 2 of 3 in Tripoli