September 02, 2019 Saida South Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Touring Lebanon with Luke and Sabrina: Day 3 of 3 in Saida

Welcome to SAIDA, a Mediterranean city in the south of Lebanon. We are here in the "fishing town" to EAT and Saida (or Sidon) is packed with local delicacies and delicious Lebanese STREET FOOD! Join us for a day of manoushe, Lebanese sweets, falafel, Lebanese/Turkish delights, and the most amazing Lebanese lunch that would take HOURS to eat!!!


  • Manoushe: Naddaf Bakery
  • Breakfast spread: Bab Al Saray Cafe
  • Falafel: FalafelAkkawi
  • Lebanese lunch: Zawat Restaurant


All other street foods and traditional snacks can be found within the souk of Saida! Thank you again to Anthony from NoGarlicNoOnions for making this AMAZING Lebanon Street Food series possible! Go check out his street food journey and subscribe to his channel if you haven't already! (Saida with Luke Martin)


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