June 17, 2018 Germany Europe

Traveling MEA Through Frankfurt, Use Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge
Non-smokers friendly

I remembered it the minute I walked in; wood covering its walls, tree trunks used as tables, the views on the tarmac, and the different rooms where one can sit and relax. A wide choice of magazines to entertain you, a selection of pastries, cold cuts, and hot preparations.


Neat and relaxing are two words I would use to describe my experience in this unique lounge - Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Frankfurt Airport. Welcome to the new Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge in Frankfurt's Terminal 1, Departure Area B. This incredibly stylish and comfortable space is inspired by the guest experience at world-class luxury hotels. Conceived with a distinctly Canadian flavor, it caters to every need of the busy and sophisticated traveler.


Light wood covers the entrance leading up to the main area where coffee and food are served. You will also find two islands of food, enough to fill you up for lunch or dinner. Located at Terminal B of Frankfurt's airport, this is definitely a lounge I like. The Maple Leaf lounge holds the colors of Canada: Touch of red spirit as well as wood and orange flair reflecting autumn in Canada. Space is divided into two private rooms centered by glass sculptures painted in orange as well as long alleys with red leather chairs. Space also carries a phone-free area with headphones and sleeping sofas.


Coming all the way from New York, I needed a shower; showers at the lounge are cleaned after every passenger. A toilet, changing chair, sink, and showers equipped by state of the art Grohe handles. Hot water and a relaxing shampoo before going out for a draft beer.

On the menu today is a selection of viennoiseries, ham sandwiches, six sauces, tomato and mozzarella salad, a salad bar and fruit bar.  Cereals and chips, Chocolate cookies, Roast potatoes, Chicken bulgogi, Penne pasta, Grilled vegetables, Minestrone soup, Pichrlsteiner hot pot, Croissants, and bread.


Professional and upscale, the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge feels classy and upscale. You can experience this lounge when traveling through Frankfurt terminal 1B onboard Air Canada or Middle East Airlines.





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