March 29, 2014

Turn On Your Taste Buds While Lights are Off

Earth Hour, the world’s largest movement for the planet is today between 8:30pm to 9: 30pm.  More than 150 countries and territories are participating this year. Millions of people around the world are expected to switch off lights in homes, offices and famous landmarks at 8.30pm local time for an hour on Saturday to mark the annual Earth HourHopefully we can all make a difference one way or another...


You can do some fun things in this hour:

  • Have a glass of wine in a candle lit ambiance with a loved one
  • Make a bowl of salad with your family, giving each family member a chore
  • Maybe some fruit salad instead
  • Much on some of your favorite sweets, play guess what it is...
  • A board game with your family can kill an hour in seconds

Help make a difference in this world...  

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