May 30, 2022

Utilizing Customer Data to Improve Your Restaurant

When running a business, it’s important to keep your customers and their satisfaction in mind. Restaurants that perform poorly usually have a list of issues that upset guests. With modern technology, collecting customer data is easier than ever. Through online reviews, in-person feedback, and reputation, gauging the success of your restaurant is simple. Utilizing customer data can help you improve your restaurant. Here is how you can utilize the data to fix problems within your business.

Barcode Menus

Many restaurants have switched over to barcode menus. Customers can use their phone to pull up a virtual menu on the restaurant website. Doing this can give your establishment a chance to seek online reviews from customers. You can let them know where to access the review section of the website connected to the menu page after their meal. If there is an order online feature, you can also track to see what customers select, and discover the most popular meal choices.

In-Person Reactions & Feedback

While some customers hold back their complaints and criticism, others openly share their feelings. If customers are regularly upset, you must take note of that common conflict. Make sure you get answers to why guests are unsatisfied and make suitable adjustments from their feedback. On the other hand, you may have most customers be pleased and excited to eat at your restaurant in the near future. “Customer behavior and reaction within your restaurant can help you gather insight on the satisfaction your restaurant team provides. Customers sending back dishes, not getting quality service, and leaving upset are observable indicators of concerning problems,” says Michael Krick, a restaurant blogger at WriteMyAustralia and ViaWriting.

Statistical Analytics

Numbers are a concrete way to show you the success rates of your restaurant. Income, amount of reservations, tips, most ordered dishes, and other countable factors all play into the statistical analytics. These measurable factors will help you plan ahead in the future. If you notice that some dishes are rarely ordered, it’s time to remove them from the menu or cut back on ingredients for that meal. This will help you save money and time. You can also compare server performance by the rate of tips each of your employees earn. If some employees are constantly being harsh to customers, or getting minimal tips, they may be causing harm to your restaurant’s reputation. Income is probably one of the most important parts of your restaurant analytics. If you are failing to make more than you spend, there are obviously some areas that need to be improved and updated. Statistical analytics are collected and most often written down and stored in files so that the restaurant owners can track their progress; this makes them easily accessible. This means that this data can be utilized and reviewed at all times of business operation.

Website Data & Online Reviews

If customers take the time and effort to leave you a review online, don’t take their feedback lightly. Whether their experience was positive or negative, customer reviews matter! Your average rating can be reviewed by a corporation if your restaurant is part of a chain, or impact your reputation if you run an independent restaurant. “As the restaurant owner, (or member of management) make it a habit to respond to customer reviews as possible. Make sure those individuals feel heard and do anything you can to resolve their needs,” explains Kathy Wilson, a food writer at Topcanadianwriters and Academadvisor.Taking care of your customers after their visit is just as important during the dining experience. Even responding to good reviews can motivate customers to return and support your restaurant again. Any advice and feedback from customers should be utilized to improve problem errors in your business.

Loyalty & Membership Programs

People love to be included in things and feel that they are represented. Many restaurants and other businesses have created either loyalty or membership programs. These programs benefit both your restaurant and customers. You can send free coupons, exclusive offers, and provide other perks. The more guests that are active in your membership, the higher the success of your restaurant. Loyalty and returning customers is one way that majorly concludes that your restaurant is well liked.

Your Restaurant Analytics 

Understanding your unique analytics may be difficult. Meet with fellow management and contact marketing specialists if you need extra assistance. The key point to remember is that you should regularly utilize your analysis to better the operations and functioning of your restaurant.

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