February 07, 2013

Velopresso: Caffeine on Wheels

Coffee, cycling and sustainability - three things found in one place. Inspired two London Royal College of Art product design students the Velopresso is a coffee machine that operates on pedal power - only. Talk about saving the power and all that!


Velopresoo is an innovative coffee vending trike for true off-grid selling of quality espresso on city streets, at trade fairs, events and in parks, etc. Designed from the ground up around a custom rear-steer tricycle, a unique pedal-driven grinder, and a robust gas-fired lever espresso machine, Velopresso is a celebratory fusion of human power, sensory pleasures and technology – old tech with hi-tech, bicycles and coffee, their engineering and aesthetics. The result is a unique hybrid machine with a compact footprint and near-silent, low carbon operation – fine coffee, no electricity, no motors, no noise!

The UK-manufactured production model will be available for pre-order in early summer 2013. Pricing to be confirmed. All images are of the prototype.


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