January 20, 2019 Antelias Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Via Roma Italian Eatery, Naccache: The Special Pizza!

Phone Number: +961 4 520 353

Address: Naccach internal road facing Charcutier Aoun supermarket, Antelias, Lebanon ( 08:00AM - 12:00AM)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ViaRomaLB

Price Range: 25-55 $

An oval shaped pizza prepared with such attention you will feel in every bite. A thin crust, crunchy on the bottom and fluffy at the same time. A thick border that crunches before melting under the teeth in style. I love this pizza and have been coming back for it several times already.


It saddens me, after all my visits to feel unwelcomed: "sorry, all plates contain garlic and we cannot do anything about it": It's just sad! Unfortunately, all pasta contain garlic, half the risottos and all plates using tomato sauce contain garlic. So, at Via Roma, I got used to the pizza, understanding every detail of it.

Via Roma is the Metn’s favorite Italian restaurant. I’ve been here for breakfast, for dinner and now back for the pizza! I love the pizza at Via Roma: the chef tells you endless stories about it, how he gets the flour from Italy, four different kinds of flour mixed together to create this unique dough no one else in the country has.


The pizza is another story: Via Roma’s Pizza is unique, the only one in Lebanon using a special Italian flour made of four different kinds of flours, preparing it 48 in advance for better integration and relaxation of the dough. There is one factory that produces this flower, and it’s called “De Marco.” The secret is keeping the pizza light and airy, enjoyable hot or the next morning.


The pizza crust is outstanding: Not only light, airy and fluffy on the borders, but it’s also flavorful and tasty. The good thing about it is that it’s not like any flour, simply flour to hold the filling, but it has a special character to it. I love the tomato sauce, the burrata cheese, the pepperoni and the best is still the potato and speck pizza.

Chef: can we reduce the garlic?! I really want to taste everything!

A must try in Metn.





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