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Wheeler's Taste: A Fresh Approach Towards Delivery (Restaurant Closed)

I recently received an interesting menu at the clinic. Long in shape, the menu highlights an illustration of a bicycle on a brown background. Wheeler's Taste is a new sandwich delivery company. I liked the images used on the menu and decided to give it a try...


On the menu it says, "Welcome to the world of Wheeler's Taste, a world where eating a sandwich is a transcendent experience! Each and every high-end ingredient is carefully chosen in order to culminate in a spectacular sandwich, a mouth watering plate of potato wedges, a succulent crepe, or an enticing English cake. You are hereby invited to a spectacle of taste. The menu in your hand is your ticket!”


So, I called them up to order a couple of sandwiches. Located in Zakrit, in the heart of Metn, Wheeler's Taste delivers from Rabieh to Bickfaya. The menu:

  • Sandwiches (12 options)
  • Potato starter (wedges or baked)
  • Dessert
  • Crepes
  • Beverages

Good to know: It is called Wheeler's for several reasons, the owner loves motorcycles, second, they are always on the move for its delivery concept, and they use pain de campagne that is traditionally delivered on bicycles in rural areas of France. The sandwiches were exceptional! Let's understand the concept:

  • Wheeler's uses only pain de campagne, those large loafs of brea, French are known to produce
  • The sandwiches are worth the price paid, large in size and fulfilling
  • Created with love and dedication, every ingredient is exceptional: Moutarde a l"Ancienne, vegetables, smoked ham...
  • Don't miss the baked potatoes with cheese

I ordered:

  • Brie Cheese and Superior Ham L.L12,500: Superior ham slices, Brie cheese, artichoke and herb cream, iceberg lettuce and tomato slices. One of my favorites today, the Brie sandwich is really a piece of art. Start with its beautiful light colors, green, red, white and pink. Bite into it and a witness the start of a love story. Close your eyes and enjoy the uniqueness of each ingredient separately. Yes, you will feel the artichokes, you will enjoy the light cream, the Brie will put a smile on your face and the bread, the same bread I enjoyed in all sandwiches, is fantastic.


  • Smoked Salmon L.L14,500: Smoked salmon, cream cheese and herbs, iceberg lettuce, capers and lemon wedges. A first bite, a second and a third... A cycle that's addictive. The same perfect bread, a generous portion of salmon you feel in every bite, fresh rocket leaves and an explosion of lemon every other bite. I loved listening to my teeth breaking the bread into pieces.


  • Roast Beef Filet L.L12,500: Roast beef filet slices, mustard a l'ancienne, iceberg lettuce, Swiss cheese and cornichons. A simple sandwich of two layers of bread and filled with thin sliced roast beef, cheese and a fine layer of mustard that adds the tang to make it a great sandwich.


  • Wheeler's Chicken Club L.L13,500: Grilled chicken breast, fried egg, superior ham, Emmental cheese slices, sundried tomato pesto, mustard a l'ancienne, iceberg lettuce, tomato slices, and cornichons. Three slices of bread filled with layers of color and fresh ingredients. Crunchy French pickles, thick sliced cheese, crispy lettuce and some exquisite sauce all in a premium bun that was crunchy on the sides and soft on the inside. The mustard adds a hint of finesse while the juiciness of chicken makes you understand why it's priced at $9.


  • Parma Ham and Swiss L.L14,000: Parma ham slices, Swiss cheese slices, sundried tomato pesto, mustard a l'ancienne, rocket leaves, apple slices, and cornichons. A fine dining sandwich it is. Super thin sliced green apples on a bed of Parma ham and a mix of cheese and grained mustard. Beautiful textures, great flavors in an innovative sandwich never seen before in town.


  • Potato Starter L.L4,500: Baked potato with a mix of oregano and basil herbs, served with cream cheese. I loved the wedges, their crunchy peal and soft core. Seasoned and fried, the potatoes are really good. The baked potatoes are exceptional! Half potatoes covered with melting white cheese.


The things I liked:

  • The bun is exceptional and the idea of using Pain De Campagne is unique
  • The ingredients are the same we use at home, premium and tasty

I'll improve:

  • Surely and definitely change the menu layout and maybe add the normal club sandwich to it
  • Add more appetizing  photos to the menu. Photos that show the real sandwich size

Ordering food for lunch at the office can be healthy... Wheeler's Taste is exceptionally good... The boxes, presentation, innovation and creativity: everything is just perfect for a healthy and upscale lunch.





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