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2014: Best Breakfast in Lebanon


The Food Dealer: A New Tasty Experience in Lebanon

On a calm Friday morning, along with some friends, we headed down to Food Dealer for breakfast. The Food Dealer is a deli/café that has recently opened on Mar Mikhael. The hype around it has been massive – where people come in to enjoy some food as well as buy some selective items.  The idea of a deli is popular around the world. And finally we can enjoy the experience in Lebanon… walk with me into the Food Dealer…  

LVD: An American Breakfast You Don’t Want to Miss

Two times already and I don’t seem to be getting enough of LVD’s fine American breakfast. Two times when I have enjoyed a full breakfast menu including their choices of eggs, pancakes, waffles and surely their tasty freshly brewed coffee.

Fresh... and Healthy for a Guilt-Free Morning

Have you heard of Fresh, the healthy cafe? Newly opened on  Zalka highway, next to Kouyoumji Center, is a new spot that offers a large selection of morning treats, lunch and dinner with a choice of juices, and it’s all healthy.

Al Falamanki: One of Beirut's Wealthiest Local Breakfasts

When you talk about good food, a pleasant ambiance, a garden in the heart of the capital and innovative creations…Al Falamanki will come to mind. My story with Al Falamanki started a long time ago... Since they first opened, my friends and I would always end up there after a long day....enjoying their fine creations in a nice setting.  

Urbanista: Let's Enjoy Some Urban Bliss

I've been a fan of Urbanista since they first opened in Gemmayze a few years back. Serving tasty food in a unique ambiance filled with positivity and joy, Urbanista is the perfect way to start your day, stop by for a quick lunch or spend hours surfing the net relaxing on one of their designer sofas.

The Beazbee: A Fine Lebanese-Style English Breakfast

I've been tagged on Instagram, on several occasions, on dishes from a place called Beazbee. Interesting and mouthwatering preparations that enticed me to want to come have a closer look at the place. I tried going there last Saturday evening to find it closed - the place closes on Saturdays after lunch. Just a few days later, on a beautiful Tuesday morning, I found myself back again at Beazbee to enjoy a hefty breakfast before starting my day.

Sunday Brunch at Casablanca: Indulge in Some Heavenly French Toast

Way before becoming a trend around the country, Casablanca was known for its brunch every Sunday. Opening at 11am you are welcomed to savor Casablanca's fine organic preparations in the iconic setup located on the top floor of a traditional villa, right on the Corniche. Casablanca is known for using all organic products – eggs, vegetables, jams and cheese as well as many creations, all produced in-house.

Bakeries Redefined... Zaatar W Zeit

After visiting Zaatar W Zeit Zalka with my family last week, I decided to give this place another try before drawing any conclusions. As a small recap, my last experience was unacceptable.  I headed down to another branch just to see how the experience will turn out; I loved it. ZWZ is not a bakery anymore but a revisited diner - a full-fledged restaurant with new expectations. This only means that the actual problem is having an inconsistency in service and attitude between branches... Pay attention guys... don't let such things affect the reasons why people come to you...

A Unique Breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel, Beirut

And the quest continues. Finding the best breakfast in a five star hotel in Lebanon. After visiting the Hilton Habtoor, Le Royal Dbayeh, Le Gray and Le Vendome, the Four Seasons Beirut was next on the list. I have heard a lot of good things about the breakfast served in this hotel facing Beirut's' sea view and just walking distance to Zaytounay Bay... Of course, I just have to try everything for myself.

A Continental Breakfast at Al Mandaloun Dbayeh

AL Mandaloun cafe, which I already reviewed more than once, venting its professionalism and food taste is still maintaining a high standard from breakfast to dinner. Every morning, Al Mandaloun Dbayeh serves a continental breakfast, High-end Hotel-Style where you can enjoy a large variety of mouthwatering cold cuts and even pre-prepared toasted sandwiches, relaxed in their coloured sofas while listening to the soft jazzy music.

Refreshing Breakfast at Café Diem, Achrafieh

An agreeable and good breakfast can easily put a smile on your face, while preparing for the day ahead... My "Diem" started at 9am, at the "Cafe" at Sodeco, which offers up a selection of croissants, omelets and crepes.

Let's Enjoy a Luscious Breakfast at Bar Tartine

I haven't been to Bar Tartine in a while now and decided to head down for a hefty breakfast before starting my day. I headed down with my family on a Monday morning to enjoy some of their luscious food served everyday, all week. The popularity of this brand has lead to the opening of their second branch in ABC Achrafieh.

Leil Nhar: I'll Surely Be Coming Back for More

Wake up in Ashrafieh early in the morning and your choices for breakfast are limitless. Other than the local around the corner bakers, you can try ZwZ, Al Mandaloun's buffet breakfast and Al Falamanki to name a few.  Let's not forget Leil Nhar, a place that left me impressed with its generosity, quality of the bread, fresh vegetables and tasty eggs.





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