October 10, 2020

7 Amazing Reasons: Plan A Trip To Mountains In 2021

Won’t you like to go someplace of old-world charm where time stands still? If so, plan a trip for 2021 to the mountains. Scaling the mountains is undoubtedly an unfathomable experience, igniting your adventurous spirit to the hilt. Today, with trekking becoming a popular unwinding experience, mountain trips provide ample scope to pursue it.

Despite their rough terrain, unpredictable weather, and somewhat rudimentary facilities, mountains still offer plenty of therapeutic benefits. Through the awe-inspiring mountains, you get to experience nature in its rawest, largest, and grandest form. 

Mountains are sure to addict you once you’re there, with picturesque scenery and beautiful sounds of mountain birds all over the place. There’s a whole host of reasons why you should head to the mountains in the coming year.

Here are seven great reasons to plan a trip to the mountains in 2021.

1.   Unparalleled Beauty

Notwithstanding the rugged terrain, which is undoubtedly challenging to climb in some places, mountains are full of picture-postcard beauty. On your trip, you’re bound to notice the fantastic surroundings. Snow-capped or thickly forested mountains, narrow rivers, gushing waterfalls, charming villages, winding roads, and the list goes on. 

So, whether you hike the zigzagging trails of Cape Town’s Table Mountain or ski the Swiss alpine slopes, be sure of getting a heavenly experience! Won’t you like to take a myriad of epic mountain shots? Traveling in mountainous regions will undoubtedly offer you countless opportunities for amazing mountain photography.

While being mesmerized by the spectacular landscape, you’ll also appreciate the significance of conserving the environment. Sights of serene, untouched peaks will make you more responsible for nature. Not surprisingly, you’ll climb the mountains without leaving any trace behind and also begin reusing items, thus minimizing wastage.

2.   A Pleasant Change From Technology

Today, with plenty of gadgets helping you stay connected perpetually, it’s hard to avoid obsessing with technology. A survey conducted by the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine highlights the ill effects of overuse of mobile phones and internet addiction. A trip to the mountains is the perfect way to escape technology. 

While up there, you’ll experience weak network coverage more often than not. So, automatically, you get an opportunity to disconnect completely. Instead of continually looking at your mobile phone or laptop, you’re suddenly engrossed in admiring the surroundings. You won’t realize the importance of disconnecting from such addictive devices until you’re truly away from technology, connecting with nature. What’s more, gradually, it becomes even more accessible. 

So, mountains are, undoubtedly, a refreshing change from your day-to-day technology-packed lives. The down-to-earth experience of a mountain trip will leave you wondering why at all you relied so heavily on technology.

3.   Physical and Mental Well-being

It’s common knowledge that having sound physical and mental health is key to longevity. Touring mountains will help you gain just that! No more feeling breathless on taking staircases between floors and becoming overwhelmed with daily worries.

Trekking at high altitudes in the mountains strengthens your core and lungs, thus improving your overall endurance. It reinvigorates you, readying you for more. Also, a mountain adventure makes you more inclined to maintain a healthy diet and sleep well. Hundreds of calories burnt in reward.

Mountain climbing also mentally trains your body to believe that you’ll be fine in adverse climatic conditions. For instance, if you choose to hike the incredibly towering Mount Logan, you’ll discover that despite the unbearably cold weather, you’re able to get through. Nearly all mountain destinations, due to their remote locations, are a bit back into time.

Health experts reveal that you can get back your mental composure and an entirely fresh outlook on life by immersing in nature. Try meditating for ten minutes on the top of a mountain or below a waterfall. It’ll recharge your batteries beyond imagination.

4.   Meeting Mountain Folk 

Getting an opportunity to meet people living in the mountains is the USP of any mountain trip. Whether you’re known to them or an absolute stranger, the mountain folk will greet you with warm smiles anyway. Besides noting their courteous and helpful attitude, you’ll enjoy seeing how they’ve been able to stay healthy in the modern world.

Mountain people also serve as excellent guides to nearby places of interest. They can enrich your knowledge of the history of beautiful landmarks in the mountainous region.


5.   An Escape From The Urban Hustle-Bustle

Won’t you like to get away from noisy, polluted big cities and breathe fresh, clean air? Mountains can provide you with plenty of it. Look forward to a precious experience of living freely as you leave for the mountains. Big cities also come with hectic and stressful lifestyles. Stepping into the mountain destinations’ serene environment will help you unwind, forgetting about your monotonous, challenging routine.

What’s more, after experiencing the unspoiled beauty here, you might even want to consider constructing a small-sized cottage right in the heart of the mountains and leave the city for good.

6.   Memorable Adventures

Quench your adventure lust in the mountains. A mountain trip offers numerous unforgettable adventures like trekking, rock climbing, high mountaineering, caving, paragliding, and mountain biking. For instance, how about biking in Ladakh’s mountainous region, riding as far as Khardung La Pass, the highest motorable road worldwide? 

While indulging in such fun-filled yet challenging mountain activities, you also learn patience, persistence, and gratitude. Mountain adventures test you to the extremes. Expect to take long ascents, rise at odd hours, and practice utmost mind control. A mountain trip will undoubtedly enrich your life with priceless memories.

7.   Learning the Art of Positivity

With their seemingly impossible terrain, mountains compel you to be positive and achieve the climb. They teach you that having a negative outlook on the task at hand leads you nowhere. With an optimistic attitude, you tend never to give up, continually putting in positive efforts.

On your mountain trip, you’ll also begin appreciating small luxuries like a simple bed, blankets, and pillows. They’re certainly good enough to protect you from cold weather. Also, you’ll feel more than grateful for stopping to sip water after a long and arduous trek. Do you value such small, useful things in your daily urban life?


Doesn’t it feel compelling now to travel to the mountains? Plan your mountain trip and give it a shot next year. You’re sure to return rejuvenated from your mountain vacation. What’s more, mountains will keep calling you back, so you might also want to consider a permanent move high up there.

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