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A Must Try: Hasroun's Huge Pizza
Affordable Bites Big Belly Boys Take Away

Phone Number: +961 71 006192

Address: Hasroun, North Lebanon ( 12:00PM - 03:00PM)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009274521251

Price Range: 12-16 $

It's Charbel, third time in Hasroun for this huge Pizza one should have at least once in his life. I've been to Pizza Hut, Domino's, Tomatomatic, and I've tried almost all the Italian pizzas in Lebanon but I never imagined I'd eat something so good in a village, 1400 meters up in Hasroun. 

Charbel used to have a container on hasroun's main road and now moved to the first floor of an old house. Charbel Touma prepares Manakish for breakfast as well as pizzas and subs. Not only the pizza but also the mankoushe are surely way better than many claiming to be best down in Beirut. 


Imagine a pizza that's 60 centimeters in diameter. A pizza dough that's cooked on both sides than covered with a homemade tomato sauce, stacked with ham, topped with thyme from the village, fresh mushrooms and seven varieties of cheese all mixed together. The dough is first baked before adding the ingredients and cooking it one more time. On top, slices of tomatoes, a cocktail of bell peppers and salami, it's not only generous but extremely tasty and all for just LBP20,000. 

No words can describe the experience. I had four slices when I came here just for a tasting. The dough is unique and the ingredients are special as well. A combination creating one of Lebanon's best pizzas... All of that from an oven that cost less than $500, where others have paid thousands of Euros for their Italian furnaces.


Enjoy watching him prepare it. The pizza doesn't fit in his oven so he found a way to push it on a wooden board. It's up in the mountains, an hour from Beirut, in a village called Hasroun, up on the first floor a man, boiling with passion, makes a pizza that will make you think differently about food.

Try his large, thin and cripsy zaatar mankoushe, you won't regret it.

Charbel Touma: +961.71.006192

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