June 30, 2012

Airbus A380-Themed Restaurant in China

Many restaurants today are beautifully designed . Owners are going the extra mile to give it's customers an overall journey that will trigger all your senses. Design adds value to your culinary experience. 

I'm starting today with this amazing Airbus A380-themed restaurant in China. I love traveling and I love food so this one caught my attention...

The Airbus A380-themed restaurant replicated the interior of the world’s largest passenger airliner. It offers you the experience of having dinner in a jumbo jet without the sudden turbulence and everything else related to them and, most importantly, without any risks of crashing.

To make the experience complete, the waitresses from the A380 restaurant are trained to act like air hostesses and stewards. It’s an unusual theme for a restaurant but this is what makes it so special and interesting.

The A380 restaurant is a close replica of the jumbo jet and it tries to offer approximately the same experience as being inside the real thing.

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