December 12, 2013

TV Dinner for Two Worth $600

Brrr, the thought of being cuddled up in front of the TV right now is priceless... add to the world’s most expensive TV dinner. Made with vintage champagne, edible gold leaf and “topped” with a pair of lobster tails, white Alba truffles, Beluga caviar resting on mother-of-pearl spoons and a selection of oysters, the Swish Pie by Charlie Bigham costs over $600. Even the salt used to season the dish has been  sourced from the Piran Salt Pans in Slovenia. This sounds like a good New Years eve plan.... Swish-pie-bigham For delivery, the Swish Pie is delivered in a bespoke aluminum case, handcuffed to a professional security guard. Charlie Bigham’s admitted the pie was expensive as a meal for two, but said “it is only a ‘drop in the ocean’ for customers accustomed to the finer things in life”. Its creator, who has been making exclusive ready meals since 1996, said:
“We always set out to create the very best versions of people’s favorite dishes. I've spent months scouring the globe for the most exclusive ingredients while developing this unique recipe to ensure that it really is the most exceptional ready meal out there.” “With the Swish Pie we went all out using the most exclusive ingredients to create a unique dish that really is the best ready meal ever made!”
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