June 01, 2017 Paris France Europe

Autoclick: Cheap but Unprofessional Car Rental at CDG Airport

When you read on their website about the best customer service ever... you really expect the best. Googling about a car to rent at CDG I was led to Autoclick which seems to be a very unprofessional company where customer service is the least of their concern. 


Booking a car, you are promised pickup at the airport with your name on a board... but this is all marketing and lies. The night before my arrival, I called the company and asked about their location. I was informed that they are five minutes from the airport and that I'll have to wait at door number 8 for a shuttle bus passing every 15 minutes. "Do you have pickup at the  exit I ask?", no sir, this is only on the website, we don't provide such service. What!!!!!!!!!

One single number, a number I've called a thousand times with no success on the day of my arrival. Waiting at gate 8 for more than 25 minutes, I had to get an Uber.

Autoclick is about ten minutes from the airport, a metallic structure located in the middle of nowhere. Arrive to the main door which is closed and walk behind the building for access. Not welcoming, staff knows nothing about customer service or guests pampering. "I waited for 25 minutes", yeah I understand he replies. "I called 30 times with no answer", yeah, we're busy and don't answer the phone... not professional at all!

No music, half a dozen broken cars thrown at the entrance, a heavy ambiance, a woman without uniform, two employees only and no phone. So that phone I called was surely not ringing.

Asking a simple yet important question: "In case of an accident, what do I do?" The answer is call the number you have. "But I called 30 times this morning". Yeah, he replies, this is the only number and we don't answer before eight in the evening. 

Now the cars... badly serviced, dirty, not even refilled with fuel and having dents on all sides. "Don't worry about the Car's external look, the employee says, anyway the insurance will repair them."

I drove my car for a week and had to finally return it. Unprofessional and not welcoming, I felt like visiting a zoo. A clear lack of ethics, of professionalism and customer service. Someone came to take the car, he threw at my feet a bag that was left inside without even asking if I needed it or simply saying good morning. Half the staff doesn't even care to wear uniforms.

The cheapest car rental company at CDG airport comes at a certain price. Pay less and surely get less! Definitely not recommended.





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