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Beasts 2017: Lebanon's Biggest Festival to Date

Beirut Waterfront, 24th August - 3rd of September!

Imagine a Lebanon where worries are replaced by ideas, where chaos is turned into art, where life is a daily celebration of a land’s rich culture. Imagine a Lebanon where faith is bigger than fear, where hands and minds join forces to bring their vision of a thriving country to life. Imagine a Lebanon where talents work to innovate, to create an inspiring culture of optimism and prosperity, a culture that sets example to all others. Imagine a Lebanon that dares to DREAM, and where dreams are turned into reality.

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On August 2017, Lebanon will dare to DREAM. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, non-profit Beirut Events and Street Shows organization is reinventing Lebanon’s face, turning a struggling reality into an exciting fairytale. Offering a platform for great art and big ideas to meet, the organization’s summer festival project spanning over 12 days will reinstate Lebanon on the regional map of tourism and entertainment.

Designed with the aim to become the landmark festival on Lebanon’s yearly cultural and entertainment agenda, the initiative is born out of the belief of its founders in the tremendous potential of their country. A potential not only to change its reality and step in a brand new era of prosperity, but also to thrive, thanks to its unparalleled resources and talents, to new heights of exploit, becoming a beacon of hope to the region and a success model to the world.

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The DREAM festival will combine the finest world-class entertainment shows and artistic performances with state-of-the-art tools in the magical location of Beirut’s Marina Waterfront, creating a never-seen experience for locals and tourists alike. Segmented into different “villages” dedicated to a kid’s area, a food court, extreme sports performances, a concert venue, an art area, and a sunset lounge, the festival aims at designing a holistic experience that caters to a broad and diverse audience.

Unlike any event the country witnessed, the festival will gather local and international talents in a ground-breaking setting designed according to world-class standards. Employing state-of-the-art tools, including 3D effects and laser shows, and cutting-edge technology like 3D mapping, the 12-day festival will be projected on the world’s biggest screen, adding to the futuristic and avant-garde vision of the event.

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Children will be introduced to games and activities they have never experienced before. No matter how daring, these games conform to the highest standards of safety to make sure kids have fun responsibly. When they’ve drained, their energy playing, they will be able to refuel it at Souk el Akel with an exhaustive selection of cuisines and choices reflecting Lebanon’s cosmopolitan culture and openness to the world’s flavors.

Beirut Waterfront

For the adventurous souls and the lovers of adrenaline, a village dedicated to extreme sports will satisfy their appetite with carting and motocross demonstrations, water and fire shows, and the Masters of Dirt show brought straight from UK and Europe. They will also have the chance to be eyeing the Batman car brought especially for the event and exploring their sense of adventure on the climbing structure built on the venue’s premises.

Bringing a whole new level of entertainment, the festival will unfold through an outstanding program of ongoing parades, internationally-acclaimed entertainment shows and music concerts, bringing to stage 4 international DJs, in addition to local and international singers as well as street artists. A beautiful sunset lounge area will be also put in place to serve those looking to unwind with a beautiful view and a cocktail in hand.

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