May 20, 2015 London UK Europe

British Airways, Terminal 5, North Lounge

In Terminal 5, Heathrow's biggest terminal, has two lounges. The North Lounge and the South Lounge. North being for business travelers and south being for business and first class. Leaving for Scotland, we stopped first at the North Lounge.


The North Lounge, located to the left of departures, is huge. It starts with a welcoming area followed by a seating area to the right and a food display, a closed terrace and a long alley of cozy spaces while a kids' area and a business corner occupies the end.

Large white lanterns hang from the ceiling, beige tiles cover the floor, while a large glass facade offers a view of the tarmac. Every couple meters a drink corner serves a selection of coffee and tea, as well as wines and alcoholic beverages.

Today's menu offered up some croissants, rice and beans, a salad bar, a soup corner and quiches. You can also find chips, pasta, fruits and dried nuts. Four varieties of biscuits served in jars include the Black Forest Crunch, cranberry, shortbread and spicy oats with ginger.

At the entrance choose any of the local magazines then walk in and choose your seat. A sofa, a chair, a bar or the business center, you'll surely find a spot to rest.


Other than that, the washrooms are individual blocks each with a toilet and sink. The lounge also offers a shower area.

To have an idea of the food, I chose to try rice and beans, which I liked, the chips, which were a brand I enjoyed and the fried bananas and cranberries as well as their cookies. The cookies are to die for! They surely deserve a review of their own. Superb cookies, crunchy fresh and aromatic, buttery and lightly sweet, rich in taste and showcasing their unique ingredients.

The Internet is fast. Password is Budapest.

A relaxing lounge I like and believe you should visit if you have some time to spare.





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