May 12, 2015 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Chichakli Zghorta: Unique Fatayer with a Zesty Character

It doesn't look like or feel like a normal fatira, but this is something you have to try. A golden-colored originally shaped dough which resembles a piece of oriental sweet. The dough is extremely crunchy and feels like a puff pastry; and is filled with pure madness.. 


A dough without added salted, no yeast, no sugar, a dough with a crunchy outer border and a tender moist inner layer stuffed with awesomeness is filled with mix of Hommaydah, which I think is called lemongrass or citronella in English. Add to that diced tomatoes, mini onions and olive oil with lemon and spices. It's really something out of this world. A tender filling with a hint of enjoyable sourness and a lemony boost.


Up in Zgharta, the culinary capital of the North is a place, a tiny small hidden bakery with one famous offering and that is the "Hommayda Fatayer". They're so good that taking a trip up to the village to try them is the least you can do.

They are available at Suzanne Doueihy in Souk el Akel every Thursday in downtown Beirut.

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