October 16, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Crepaway: Kudos for Reinventing Yourself!

Phone Number: +961 9 637638

Address: Sahel Alma, Jounieh Highway, Keserwan, Lebanon

Website: http://www.crepaway.com

Price Range: 15-30 $

I haven't been to Crepaway in ages, and to be honest, I have avoided it for a while as I was not too impressed with their food for a long while...But as we all know, the battle of the diners is an ongoing thing in Lebanon even among friends. Some of my friends wanted Roadster while others said they wanted Crepaway, especially that it's been a while we haven't dined there. So we thought why not... let's see what has become of this place. I was happily surprised as I walked into their newly opened brand in Beirut City Center. The whole place has changed, the concept, the furniture, the layout... it didn't look much like a diner, but rather a casual restaurant with a variety of food... I was truly impressed. Bravo! photo 2 It's a constant battle indeed and as some places stay the same while others try hard to improve themselves - like introducing new ideas to the menu, limited edition burgers and now, a whole new identity. I was truly impressed with their new space, I walked in and I was in awe. The place doesn't look anything like the Crepaway I know, and definitely not like a casual diner. It's more relaxed, more modern and truly stylish, boasting different corners that ooze different moods, depending on yours. photo 3 We sat in the middle, where square tables were set and surrounded with comfortable brown leather sofa chairs. Very comfortable to say the least. I looked around me and was really in shock. I couldn't believe that I was at Crepaway. photo 5 A lot of details are all around, including full artifacts, books, wall art...

  • The restaurant is spacious and interesting
  • There's a vintage/industrial feel to it
  • Interestingly divided bookshelves covering complete walls
  • Different sections, each with a different feel and style - yet all complementing the place
  • Show lights bulbs used to write Crepaway's slogan, "All Good" - it's the first thing you see when you walk in - bright and red
  • Dangling projectors from the ceiling down to the bar, impressive
  • Walls made of white bricks
  • Industrial style lamps on one side of the restaurant

photo 4 We ordered a few things like Nachos, Mini Burgers, Chicken Sub, Guilt Free Burgers, Chicken Sub, and Curly Fries, and my favorite are the Taquitas: deep fried tortilla rolls filled with marinated, cajun chicken, smoky cheddar sauce, corn and carrot. Yum. I cant' tell you how good it is. Spicy, crunchy and tasty. We ordered two plates, 4 each and devoured them all in seconds. photo 4 My friends were not very happy with their light burgers, to be honest, I didn't try them but they looked a bit dry. The side salads were not too appetizing to look at. The dresssing used is too orangy in color making the lettuce look stale. photo 5 photo 1 The desserts are delicious. We ordered a chocolate crepe and profiterole, both are really good... after all this is what they are known for; and their Brown Crown which includes layers of chocolate cake loaded with Marbled ice cream sprinkled with hazelnut croquants topped with hot chocolate sauce. This reminded me of Raodster's Marble Mud Pie. It's good but I personally prefer Roadster's version. photo 2 Although the place is very nice but there are a few things I would take into consideration. It was empty and our refills took some time to change until we asked for them. Then they kept flowing. There is a definitely a ventilation problem. The whole place was full of cooking smell that got stuck on our clothes... Too much. But again, I have to say Bravo to the guys behind Crepaway. I love the idea of improving yourselves. It shows that you don't take clients for granted... Change is always good. In my opinion, Crepaway wins an extra point over Roadsters, but I have to say again that Roadster's Marble Pie compares to none...  

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