March 23, 2016 Dubai UAE GCC Middle East

Dubai Terminal 1 Business Lounge

Phone Number: +971 4 224 5555

Address: Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Price Range: 5-100 $

Terminal 1 is where all planes land and depart except for Emirates. The long vertical shaped airport with one duty free hub and a long line of gates from which Middle East Airlines depart, hosts a lounge facing gate C8.


I've been here many times but I don't know why I never thought of reviewing it before. It's a small lounge for a big terminal, but it’s clean enough to look like a restaurant. You’ll find three waiters tour around cleaning and emptying tables, CNN plays in the background, free Wi-Fi and a large selection of food.

Long like the airport itself, the lounge is filled with blue and green leather sofas as well as wooden tables and chairs. It has a smoking lounge, a private salon and many individual spots to plug in your computer. Enjoy the view of the tarmac from the high windows.

The food choices are good for breakfast or lunch... there’s a generously filled salad bar, three choices of sandwiches, a cheese platter, viennoiserie and fruits.


The hot dishes include rice beryani and two soups on one island while the middle table hosts the rice, noodles, mashed potatoes, shahi paneer, mutton vindaloo and sliced beef with vegetables and some cakes for desserts.

On another hand, choose from all kinds of whiskies and drinks, soft drinks, beer and juices.

I've enjoyed a blend of breakfast and lunch combined before boarding.

That's the lounge at Dubai Terminal 1 which is interesting and relaxing. If you're passing by, now you know what to expect.





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