November 12, 2013 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Starting Your Day with Roadster Diner's Breakfast
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: 1585

Address: Zalka main road, Jal El Dib, Metn, Lebanon


Price Range: 35-65 $


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 7/10

Ambiance / Music: 9/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 17/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 7/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: Soon

I have been meaning to stop by Roadster Diner for breakfast, especially after trying several places in town already. It was a must to go and try Roadster's, who are the first to start the diner's breakfast concept in Lebanon...  Today, I finally had the chance to do so. I went down to Beirut early and was heading back to the clinic at around 11am. I thought why not stop for some breakfast before heading back to work where a long list of patients was awaiting. Roadster_Diner_Zalka_Breakfast08 Before I start, I'm going to be blunt. I have already prepared a handful of things to state my disappointment after today's breakfast. And I can already hear you saying,"How could I say negative things about Roadster?" Dear Readers, I am a big fan of Roadster too, but what's been happening lately is not acceptable. I've been calling out to Lebanon's favorite diner to pay attention to their quality of food; and that is not to mention the huge increase in prices. Way before the Roadster vs. Crepaway comparison that Crepaway won, I've been expressing my discontent about Roadster's food that's not up to the standard of this beloved restaurant. We had better and experienced better. Roadster_Diner_Zalka_Breakfast24 It was 11am at Roadster's where we were welcomed by Omar. How nice to experience Roadster's calmness on a beautiful sunny morning. I could take as many pictures as I wanted without people starring.

Located on the Zalka highway, Roadster diner - Jal el Dib opened in 2002. It’s indoors and side terrace eating areas make it by far the largest Roadster diner branch. Decorated with statues of Miles Davis (we love his jazz!) and a multitude of funky, original posters, Roadster diner - Jal el Dib is fun, lively, and inviting. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, make sure to stop by and enjoy our great atmosphere.  Dine-in, breakfast, lunch and dinner, terrace, bar area, non smoking area

Roadster_Diner_Zalka_Breakfast07 Roadster Diner Zalka's amazing details:

  • Roadster's main door is a bus, with its bench and handles. A small room that separates the dining area from the outer elements of nature
  • Access this huge space where a feel of amazement will make you smile
  • A place, spread on two levels - the lower dining space filled with square tables and the upper area with its middle bar
  • Blue leather chairs around square tables welcome you before you decide to go up or take a right to sit outside
  • A bar in the middle of the restaurant has three screens on each side with seating here and there
  • Sofas on both sides of the restaurant follow all the walls covered with dark blue and white leather seating 4 persons each
  • To the left side a center piece with road lanterns separating tables that can seat two persons each
  • The floor is covered with square tiles in blue and white
  • The main items that make this place special are the beautifully decorated walls filled with American signs and signature items
  • Cars, road signs, road names, artists and design items make you feel like you're dining on Route 66

Do you remember the last review I had at LVD (Latest Version Diner)? This extraordinary American breakfast that left me full, amazed and speechless... Shouldn't Roadster deliver the same or even better result? The proposed menu: Rd Amazing Deal for 19,000L.L

  • Your choice of eggs or omelette in addition to your choice of pancakes with fresh orange juice and American coffee.
  • Eggs and omelets (All our eggs and omelets are served with toasts and tomatoes. You can add bacon for 3,250L.L, ham, turkey, sausages and cheese for 2,250L.L to any item.)
  • Three eggs (Your choice of omelette, scrambled or fried eggs)
  • Spanish omelette (Sautéed mushrooms, onions and bell peppers)
  • Pancakes (You can add maple syrup or honey for 2,250L.L to any item)
  • Chocolate pancakes (With chocolate sauce)
  • Banana nut pancakes (With chocolate sauce, banana and nuts)

Roadster_Diner_Zalka_Breakfast55 The disappointing Food: We ordered three kinds of eggs, two kinds of pancakes and a basket of mozzarella sticks among other items - in hope to start our day in style.

  • The scrambled eggs came dry. They looked dry and over cooked before trying them to feel this intensive dryness as well as the dullness of this plate's taste. No salt, no pepper, no seasoning or anything that would make them special in any way. They felt like dry cornflakes setup in separate pieces on a plate. I could have had them better at home.


  • The Spanish omelette lacks seasoning. It's tasteless to say the least. Inside are some sautéed canned mushrooms that feel like rubber? Why canned? With all its ingredients that should have given it some taste, this preparation felt like a dry crepe rapping some veggies.


  • The sunny side up eggs have nothing special to write home about. Simple normal uncreative eggs with two slices of thick tomatoes

Roadster_Diner_Zalka_Breakfast37 All the plates were served with three slices of toasted bread cut in half and two slices of tomatoes.

  • The chocolate pancake is good but not great. Unfortunately it tears apart when you try cutting it. The dough's ingredients dosage doesn't seem to be right


  • The banana nuts pancakes are the best thing I had this morning even though the bananas are too cold for the warm mix it's served in...

Roadster_Diner_Zalka_Breakfast45 What I would imperatively change:

  • I would surely serve sautéed tomatoes rather than two simple thick slices of tomatoes. Again, what's the plus of having these tomatoes in a restaurant? Cook them, season them and try to be a bit creative
  • I wouldn't cook the eggs to dry. Their taste should be preserved with a watery feel embracing all the flavors
  • I would grind some salt and pepper over the eggs
  • Propose to add cheese or bacon. Although it's written on the menu, the waiter should mention this important detail

The pluses:

  • I loved the mozzarella sticks that taste a hundred times better than the ones we get delivered home
  • The orange juice is fresh and tasty

The minuses:

  • Coffee should be offered at the beginning  not at the end. It's breakfast time right? We need our coffee which came super late. Roadster's strategy is to serve coffee with the pancakes. Bizarre, non?
  • Artificial sweetener please: We received two small Canderel sachets only. Is it stinginess?

Dear Roadster, I have said this and will say it again.... wake up and smell the competition. Almost all restaurants today serve breakfast... The breakfast I had today is not up to Roadster's standard. Dear readers, be sure that I do love Roadster and this is why I expect much more from it.





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