June 19, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

Roadster Diner: Upscaling its Burger Choices

Phone Number: 1585

Address: Zalka main road, Jal El Dib, Metn, Lebanon

Website: http://www.roadsterdiner.com/

Price Range: 35-65 $

I was invited with my fellow bloggers to be the first to try Roadster's new series of burgers. Six new burgers are scheduled to launch this Friday in all 15 branches of our local favorite diner. And guess what? For the first time in Roadster's history, these burgers will be served on a wood board… a special first impression. Roadster_Diner_New_Angus_Beef_Burger19 Following the success of Route66 Burger, Roadster has been working hard behind the scenes to keep the bar up. New unique signature burgers produced with fine Angus beef patty, sesame bun produced by Prunelle will be offered on separate menus and displayed on all placemats. Good to know before we start:

  • Six burgers will permanently be available on the new upcoming menu
  • And as a slogan for these new burgers, the team came up with a catchy phrase, "Which one you will have first?”…
  • Burgers will be served for the first time on wooden trays: a premiere for Roadster
  • The patty is a 160g Angus beef
  • The ingredients are worked into the burgers meticulously to provide customers with a unique experience
  • Roadster's staff has been working on creating those burgers for the last 10 months or so
  • Each will have a hashtag starting with RD #rd... And the burger name follows
  • The "Old School Burger" has been produced in the collaboration with Heartbeat, where LBP1,000 will be donated for the Association

Introducing the Angus burgers:

  • #RdBBQbaconin (hello sesame golden bun, grilled onion, colorful coleslaw, crunchy skin in fries, grilled tomato, 160g angus mixed with bacon, melted cheese cheddar)


  • #RdRoute66 (hello sesame golden bun, fresh tomato, pickles, 160g angus, crisp iceberg lettuce, R66 sauce, colorful coleslaw, crunchy skin on fries)


  • #RdCaliforniadream (hello sesame bun, pickles, flour tortilla chips, 160g angus, crisp iceberg lettuce, colorful coleslaw, crunchy skin on fries)


  • #RdChilimariachi (hello sesame golden bun, fresh tomato, angus beef, iceberg, special chili sauce, coleslaw, fries)


  • #RdOldschool (bun, tomato, pickles, iceberg, cocktail sauce, coleslaw, fries)


  • #RdCheeseencheese (sesame bun, pickles, sautéed onions, melted Swiss cheese, angus beef, iceberg lettuce, philly steak sauce, coleslaw, skin in fries)

Roadster_Diner_New_Angus_Beef_Burger05 I tried them all: To start with, the difference between Roadster’s regular burgers and the one used in the new burger is clearly felt. There’s a special uniqueness to each burger, the same feeling I had when the Route66 was previously launched. The bun as well as the meat embraced by Roadster's unique sauces are mouthwatering. Some tasting notes:

  • The juiciness of the meat
  • The sweetness of the pickles
  • The softness of the buns
  • The sesame seeds on the buns that add a certain finesse to the burgers
  • The grilling aftertaste of the meat with the condensed borders and their crunch
  • The sautéed onions are so tender in the Cheese and Cheese and the subtle taste of the mushrooms
  • The after-spicy feeling of the Chili Burger that comes as an end note
  • The bacon was my favorite: Mixed with the meat, the bacon gives the burger a rich flavor. It’s different than the usual crunchy bacon often found in most burgers
  • The California is unique and comes with guacamole and baked tortilla chips

What I loved:

  • The bun is exceptional
  • The bacon burger is an award-winning burger
  • The portion of the salad is generous
  • I love Roadster pickles
  • The fries are excellent as always
  • The flavors of the burgers are worth trying and surely enjoying

Roadster_Diner_New_Angus_Beef_Burger10 I'll personally change:

  • I didn't like the taste of the meat eaten alone. It's a premium Angus as they say and I was expecting to feel the rich taste of meat without the mixes and other ingredients. The crumbs or whatever mix of spices is put in it reduces the ‘awe’ feeling I was expecting. You may not understand what I mean but when you close your eyes and have a bite from the meat, it could be confused with kabab on the grill
  • The California is the one I liked the least. I thought the "crunchy" tortilla will make all the difference. I was a bit disappointed. Too soft, too tender and stuck to each other like a sable biscuit... I would stack in thick layers of crunchy baked tortillas that will crunch and not crumble when you bite into the burger and definitely add more guacamole so we feel the flavor of this burger

So, Which one you will have first? I would love to hear your feedback on these new burgers starting this Friday in all Roadster burgers… and don't forget to hashtag.





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