July 08, 2012

Food and White Teeth 102: Apples

I remind you, nothing can take the place of healthy care like brushing your teeth, flossing and so on. But like I said before, there are foods that help clean your teeth. Today I point the finger to an apple - an apple a day can keep that dentist away!

Raw apples act as mild abrasive to lift food particles and stains from teeth. The crunchy bits actually help scrub away stubborn stains. This does not happen in a day but will take a while. The cleansing effect may be noticeable, even if it's very slight, particularly if the apple eater is a coffee drinker who hadn't been eating apples every day to begin with. Apples also trigger the release of saliva to wash away stain-causing debris and neutralize tooth decaying acid. The acidic nature of an apple is not enough to make a person's teeth pearly white. The acid needs the help of the fiber-rich flesh of the apple. After eating an apple, it's still important to brush your teeth. The apples still have sugar and acid in them which can damage the teeth. If you're not able to brush your teeth, rinsing the apple down with some water may be the next best thing.

Do it the natural way and crunch on some apples...  

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