May 17, 2013

Food Revolution Day: Join the Movement in Beirut

On Friday May 17th communities across the world will come together and celebrate the beautiful diversity of fresh food, sharing cooking skills, understanding good eating habits and, of course, eating great grub. NGNO would like to support this movement by uploading all your food pics sent to out Facebook Page...

Food Revolution

From Australia to America and India to Brazil, street markets, cooking demos and fundraisers in schools, hospitals and gardens will be buzzing with Food Revolution Day magic. This initiative brought by the famous chef Jamie Oliver, is spreading all over the world! The Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation (JOFF) is a US charity aimed at bringing food education to schools, businesses, and communities through raising awareness and hands-on training. Caline Chaya, the Beirut Ambassador for the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution, volunteers to spread awareness about the importance of food education to parents, children, and individuals in our community. All year long and on JOFF’s Food Revolution Day this May the 17th, Caline is organizing several activities in Lebanon that will be carried out at schools, restaurants, and markets - all in support of real food through diverse ways!


Spotted on New Earth's Facebook page: Everyone is celebrating Food Revolution Beirut. Come support healthy cooking with us at Ginette Joanna's Table Tawlet A NEW EARTH organic & eco-living store Meat the Fish and more! Join Caline Chaya Chaoul, the Beirut Ambassador for the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution in her mission to support REAL FOOD in Beirut and around Lebanon.  

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