April 10, 2021

Foodie's Guide to Colorado Signature Dishes

The first thing that pops to mind when someone mentions Colorado has to be its nature. Vast plains and ancient forests, towering peaks and winding canyons, gorgeous rivers and welcoming hot springs. The Centennial State is, indeed, a land of immense beauty. But, the allure doesn’t end there! No – the Colorado food scene is a breathtaking landscape, all on its own! And one that leaves no-one indifferent, at that. So, today, NoGarlicNoOnions are taking you on a wild ride that tickles the imagination and taste buds alike. Because, today, we’re focusing on the awesomeness of Colorado signature dishes.

Moo-ving to Colorado is an excellent choice for foodies

If you are a foodie moving to Colorado, Denver should definitely be your prime target. Not because it’s the biggest or most populated, but because it’s a gourmet paradise. Especially for those with an acquired taste for meat in all shapes, sizes, or forms. And there’s one thing in particular that makes it stand out – Bison meat.

It’s tasty, it’s soft, it’s healthier than regular meat. And, like that’s not enough, Denverites found ways to improve it further and give it a unique spin. So, once your relocation to Denver is complete, find a safe storage unit to keep your belongings while settling in, and then head out to and enjoy Bison as you’ve never (or ever) tasted before.

Foodies guide to Colorado signature dishes

Don’t want to get too adventurous yet?

No problem! You can start slow, with something familiar yet different. If you want to ease yourself into bison meat extravaganza, the best way to start is with Bison Burger. Finely ground meat makes for a great patty, which becomes a magnificent, juicy burger. To give it that full taste, they then trap it in a freshly baked bun. And, to top it off, they spike it with locally-grown produce. Honestly, just smelling it is enough to make your taste buds catch on fire. But wait until you dig into it! You’ll never wish to even think of a regular burger again.

Time to go wild!

Once you’re out of your comfort zone (i.e., after the first Bison Burger), it’s time to try something different. Rocky Mountain Oysters are one of the most notable Colorado signature dishes. That said, this famous snack has nothing to do with seafood. Or with mountains, for that matter, since it’s invented at ranches. But that’s beside the point.

Foodies guide to Colorado signature dishes 1

Rocky Mountain Oysters are, actually, bison, bull, or calf testicles. Thinly sliced, mixed with flour (corn or wheat), and deep-fried, this crunchy and chewy treat is an absolute delight. Especially when you combine them with various dips, like horseradish or cocktail sauce. This dish is the prime choice of many a Denverite. Therefore, they disappear the moment they hit the menu, so be sure to make a reservation if you want to try this most iconic Colorado food.

Everyone’s favorite – with a spin

If you have recently moved to Colorado with the help of losangelestransfer.com, we are sure that you had a smooth experience. However, to truly round up this adventure, you’ll need to adjust to the new environment and settle into your new life. The best way to do exactly that is with a good meal. And, if that meal is also familiar, you’re looking at a quick immersion into a new life. So, who’s in for a pizza?

“Wait... What?”, you might say: “Pizza? We can get that anywhere!” Not this one, you can’t! This is Colorado Style Pizza. A westerner’s outtake on everyone’s favorite fast food; a perfect blend of quality and quantity.

The main thing about it is: you don’t have to contend with generic, tasteless ingredients. Everything that goes in it and on it is fresh and locally-grown - tomatoes, chiles, meat, flour – everything. And, of course, honey. Oh, didn’t we mention that? They make the dough for this savory delight with local and all-natural honey! In return, you get the sweet crust, crunchy on the outside and soft as a sin on the inside. That gentle sweetness perfectly complements the other ingredients. And there’s a ton of them. That said, be sure to have company if you’re going out for this one because this monster is massive!

Foodies guide to Colorado signature dishes 3

Versatility and tastiness – a perfect combo

Although not as close to Mexico as, say, Texas, one of their foods managed to mingle its way into Colorado. And, of course, inventive as they are, Coloradans immediately gave it their own twist. That’s right; we’re talking about the famous Green Chili. This is probably one of the most versatile Colorado signature dishes on our list. You can order it as a topping, dip, or spread. And, honestly, this comes as no surprise. The fantastic mix of ingredients can improve every meal. Just try it with the bison burger or pizza we mentioned, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

However, you can order it as a stand-alone dish. This is an excellent option if you want to taste (of course) locally-grown green chiles and tomatoes, which are the main ingredients. And, for good measure, there’s a ton of pork, slowly cooked in broth to bring out the best of every single slice. For the best effect, combine it with fresh flour tortillas.

And something to wash it all down

All this food is fantastic and fulfilling to boot. Yet, something is amiss. Something essential. To top off and round up the whole experience, you need something to wash it down. And, when in Colorado, that “something” is beer. Not just any beer – Colorado Craft Beer. The Centennial State boasts more than 300 hundred breweries and is one of the biggest craft beer producers in the country. Therefore, choices are immense.

But, every aspiring foodie is also about quality and ingenuity. Fear not, Colorado Breweries got you covered! The beer brewed here is made of the finest, you guessed it, locally grown ingredients. Furthermore, you can expect some interesting additions like cherry or saffron. You know, just to give it that additional “oomph!” Also, many locales are proud to offer a tour of brewing facilities, so you’ll have a good time and learn some things you didn’t know about beer.

Foodies guide to Colorado signature dishes 2

Colorado signature dishes are a combination of familiar and new

To say that Colorado signature dishes are different would be a severe understatement. Then again, once you try them, you’ll discover a somewhat familiar taste. Like a warm childhood memory, revisited after years of life experience. So, don’t be afraid to treat your senses. Try everything, and it won’t be long before you find your new favorite dish.

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