March 24, 2017

How To Cut 7 Tricky Vegetables

A well-prepared vegetable is a tasty and nutritious thing. Eating a wide variety is a great way to keep mealtimes interesting while looking out for your health. There are some weird and wonderful vegetables to choose from, how can you eat them when you’re not even sure how to slice them?


You know the feeling. You’ve bought an interesting new vegetable to add variety to your evening meal. But faced with an artichoke, celeriac or squash, you don’t know where to begin! These vegetables don’t come with instructions, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up in a mess.

There’s no need to panic! Brave kitchen pioneers have already figured out the best way to approach these funny shaped veggies. For example, there are lots of interesting things you can do with an artichoke, but first, you need to pull off those tough outer leaves. You’ll need a serrated knife to cut off the top and trim the stem. Once you can scoop the chunk from the centre, you’ll be left with the good stuff!

It’s easy to slice and dice once you know how. Our new infographic offers some step-by-step tips on grappling with some of the trickier vegetables, so you needn’t worry any longer. Start chopping and enjoying a new, delicious veggie medley!

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