April 29, 2019

Sleep in a Potato Thanks to AirBNB

We all love potatoes... you can fry them, mash them, bake them, roast them and now sleep in one.


The Big Idaho Potato Hotel in South Boise, may not actually beactually be made out of potatoes — the ingredients for thisAirbnb, are said to be steel, plaster, and concrete — but it does take the shape of a giant version of the popular vegetable.

For $200 USD per night, potential renters can expect a king sized bed, a coffee nook, a bathroom and plenty of seating in its hollowed-out shell. Having toured the U.S. on the back of a semi-truck for the Idaho Potato Commission, the potato shell was bought by the micro-property developer Kristie Wolfe — who prides herself on her tiny homes which include a Hobbit Hole and a Hawaiian treehouse.

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is temperature controlled and comes equipped with all the necessities, such as a fireplace and a host of toiletries. The space is currently booked up until mid-June, so head to the AirBnB website to book your stay before its too late.


Designed by Kristie Wolfe and weighing around six tonnes, the giant spud started its life on the back of the Big Idaho Potato Tour Truck. The truck — now famous across the United States — travels across the country promoting Idaho’s potatoes and the Big Idaho Potato Tour’s charitable initiatives.

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