May 20, 2012

Increase Your Sexuality with Food: Honey

The nectar of Aphrodite, honey is one of the most seductive foods in the world. Sticky, viscous, deliciously sweet, honey is as much a sensual experience as it is a delicious indulgence. Sweet sticky honey is a great source of boron, a trace mineral that helps the body use and metabolize estrogen, the female sex hormone. Studies have shown that this mineral may also enhance testosterone levels in the blood, the hormone responsible for promoting sex drive and orgasm in both men and women.

Even in its manufacturing, honey’s lore is that of pure romance. Culled by honeybees, it is created from the nectar of flowers, the ultimate emblem of sexual ripeness. In addition, honey contains B vitamins needed for testosterone as well as other nutrients, enzymes and phytochemicals. But what is also important to note here and I think it will be my next article is that this liquid gold’s finest property is in its variety. There are styles of honey to suit every mood. Experts say that there are as many variations of honey as there are of wine. Styles run from bold and thick as molasses to soft and creamy as butter.

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