July 11, 2021

Kibsons Pave the Way with Major Advances in Sustainable Food Shopping

As consumers, we are becoming much more aware of the choices we make when it comes to our grocery shopping and the changes that can be made to minimize the impact on the planet. Paving the way when it comes to sustainable grocery shopping in the region, online food delivery service, Kibsons has implemented a number of initiatives that are set to reshape the way we shop and encourage smarter thinking for a kinder, healthier planet.

Over the past few years, Kibsons has taken steps as part of its Kibsons Cares initiative to reduce their carbon footprint in the form of the following: 

  • SOLAR: A 25% reduction in electricity use. Spanning over the Kibsons 30,000 square metre facility, electricity consumption is reduced by 25% on average annually; with 50% in winter months. 
  • WATER: 75% of water reused. The Kibsons new water recycling plant is on track to recycle more than 75% of the water used to keep the demanding cold storage facility up and running. 
  • WASTE: 100% organic waste composted. Kibsons organic waste composting plant converts their biodegradable waste material into high-quality organic compost and contributes to reducing their carbon footprint towards landfills wherever possible. 
  • PLASTIC: 90% of plastic recycled. More than 90% of all plastic at the Kibsons facility is recycled.

In a bid to make recycling easier than ever for thousands of homes across the UAE, Kibsons now stocks a state-of-the-art at-home odorless composting machine (AED 1975) which offers a simple 4-step process that breaks down material, decomposes, and sterilizes in a 3-hour cycle. With no water, chemicals, venting or draining required, you are conveniently left with nutrient-rich soil ideal for gardening and landscaping. This environmentally friendly at-home composting kit reduces food waste by up to 90% with no toxic gas or emissions and allows UAE residents to take their own personal steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

To further prevent food waste, Kibsons offer an ‘ugly but tasty’ range of fruits and vegetables which allows customers to purchase imperfect or nearing-expiration produce at a discounted rate. Shopping local is also another way to not only help the environment but support your local community at the same time. In addition to keeping emissions down as transportation is minimal, you are also helping small farms grow too!

In addition, it is estimated that 160,000 plastic bags are used every second globally. These bags are not easily recyclable and are easily lifted and removed from landfills by the wind. Used for approximately 12 minutes, they stay in our environment for thousands of years. To help combat this, Kibsons offer their customers the option of having their items packed in eco-friendly recyclable paper bags or packed without bags where possible.

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