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La Vallée Village: I Love it Here
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When I come here, I always feel mesmerized... Although I have been here several times, but every time feels like the first. The enthusiasm, the excitement and the experience is amazing.  Visiting La Vallee Village for shopping!


I have been coming to Paris very often in the past few years and every time I visit, I try to make time for some shopping.  I mean we are in the capital of all things new and trendy. But before anyone jumps into conclusion here, it's not the Champs-Élysées I am talking about... I will tell you something I haven't shared with anyone ever before, my ultimate shopping destination is La Vallée Village. Just 40 minutes away from Paris, by car or by train, La Vallée Village is a must stop when you're in town. Why pay more if you can enjoy the same shopping experience for less?

A Few of the many things I like: In here, you can find major luxury brands at huge discounted prices, between 30% and 50% or sometimes even more. Why pay for the same clothes 2 times more in town? Or even three times more in Lebanon? All the experience is unique. A small outdoor village constituted of individual houses built one next to the other and having a different color each. Blue, grey, yellow, orange, black and metal are everywhere. Built around large alleys of stone, spending the day or lets be specific, spending money is done with a smile. Along the alleys, Amarino ice cream stand has more than four different kiosks to satisfy your summer's craving for something cold. They serve high-end ice cream in a flower shape on a biscuit cone. A coffee at Starbucks or a sandwich at Nathalie's are also available options.


It's good to know: Shopping on week days is much better, with less people to bump into and no lines to wait for at the cashiers Next door is the Val D'Europe shopping mall hosting a large food hall where you can have lunch or relax for a coffee. The busiest shop is Ralph Lauren and maybe the biggest as well: Sometimes waiting at the cashier can reach 30 minutes. The most luxurious shop where you won't feel like you're in an outlet is Burberry and GUCCI, the latest to open. Pret a Manger, London's famous healthy fast food chain is here. At the very end is the customer care center where all your questions will be answered. Behind the customer care center is a large outdoor lounge to wait for the shuttle buses to arrive.

Eat at Pret, enjoy an amazing ice cream at Amorino or a mouthwatering macaron at Pierre Herme before having a coffee at Starbucks... Finish shopping and walk to Val D'Europe shopping mall for the Apple Store.

I really enjoy this place. Its ambiance, the beautiful setup, action and vibes. You don't feel in a cheap outlet space but in a luxurious surrounding where simply prices are discounted. Traveling to Paris, La Vallee Village is definitely one of my top 20 things to do while in the capital.

I love it here...

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