August 27, 2013

Meet the $750 Cupcake

Decadence D'Or is a $750 cupcake available at the Palazzo in Las Vegas, making it the most expensive cupcake available out there. 1 This cupcake is made out of Palmira Single Estate chocolate, which was developed by Valrhona, the French luxury chocolatier. While the frosting is made with Charentes-Poitou AOC butter from an established French butter cooperative, and contains Tahitian Gold vanilla caviar which is hand-pollinated and harvested. Topped up with a little Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac, this cupcake is molded into a hand-blown fleur-de-lis. Edible gold leaves add more luxury to this treat. You have to order this cupcake 48 hours in advance. Do you think I can apply my sandwich technique to this cupcake?
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