October 08, 2013

The new Philips HomeCooker in Collaboration with World Renowned Chef

Jamie Oliver, the world-renowned chef, and Philips, the electronics giant, have joined forces to launch the revolutionary Philips HomeCooker. The new product is specially designed to offer an innovative approach to home cooking and is a comprehensive tool to meet families’ daily cooking needs.

Jamie Oliver using HomeCooker

The Philips HomeCooker is a first-of-its-kind, multi-functional device that prepares and cooks food on its own. It chops, stirs, steams, fries and sautés, and can be left cooking unattended. The HomeCooker caters to the needs of every busy family. It's a new addition that brings out the chefs in all food lovers, who are keen on cooking their own food and making the tastiest dishes. The new HomeCooker is matchless in its ability to perform multiple cooking functions like stirring, cutting, cooking, melting, stewing, boiling, steaming, frying and sautéing. Thanks to the new technology AutoStir, the device is equipped with a unique stirring arm that stirs food automatically. Other smart features are the PerfectTemp and QuickSet timer, which allow users to control the heat to perfection and set up cooking times up to 99 minutes, without having to stand at the stove endlessly and utilizing that time to spend with your family or look after other work at home. In addition, the HomeCooker has its own Cutting tower for chopping directly into its stainless steel pot, at any point during cooking. Its 5-in-1 DirectCut feature allows users to slice, shred or cut Julienne vegetables, cheese and meat without picking up a knife. Philips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker Considered to bring a revolution in home-cooking, users can now choose the ingredients, pop them in and let the HomeCooker cook not only mouthwatering meals, but also healthy ones inspired by Jamie Oliver.  On top, it switches off when meals are ready, which gives the time to engage in other activities around the house. You can cook tasty Galouti kebabs, lamb koftas, in just half the time. It prepares everything at the same time, the kebabs, rice, all at once, which saves you a great amount of time. It is perfect not only for your daily meals but also for special occasions when family and friends are over. It is the ultimate chef in the kitchen for the working women who have to balance between work and home, leaving them no time to prepare healthy and flavorful dishes for their family. The Philips HomeCooker is the ultimate solutions for all your cooking problems. The Philips HomeCooker, comes with an exclusive cook book of delicious and bespoke HomeCooker recipes developed by Jamie Oliver to help create a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to wow the family or impress guests. Philips has teamed up with Jamie Oliver to also offer top-of-the-range, performance led cooking tools including a hand blender, food processor, blender and steamer. The kitchen tools are simple from the outside but powerful on the inside. Equipped with a powerful motor, sharpest titanium coated knives and made with sturdy glass elements, the range makes for the perfect helping tools and a must have in every woman’s kitchen. For more information about the tools,
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