March 09, 2013

Nohot Cup: No More Tongue Burning

How many times have you burnt your tongue while drinking hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate...

Nohot Cup, winner of RedDot Design 2013, can prevent its user from being scalded by the hot drink contained within it. Heat-sensitive material on the lid expands when the drink is too hot, providing a clear warning.

NotHot Cup

The lid of Nohot Cup serves as a warning system about the temperature of the drink beneath it. A circular section of heat-sensitive material on the lid expands when it is heated.

NotHot Cup

When the temperature of the drink drops to 30°C, the circle contracts and becomes as flat as the surrounding lid again.

If the user tries to drink from the cup when the circle protrudes, it will hit their nose as a warning signal. At that time, the drink is dangerously hot and should not be drunk.

Categories: Food Gadgets


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