May 05, 2012

Perfect Toasties at Home with ToastBags

During my last visit to Amsterdam, one of the best things I had were their toasties, heavily. They are simply ham and cheese sandwiches on slice bread toasted to perfection... But when I try making them home, they don't seem to have that same feel and taste.

Maybe with this invention from Dutch company Boska I will get that same taste. They are called ToastBags - I can get that taste without making a mess of bread crumbs and melted cheese everywhere.

In a very simple procedure, make your sandwich, put it in the ToastBag and place it in the toaster, in about three minutes you have a delicious sandwich. Crispy with melted cheese or other ingredients of your choice. It gives you endless possibilities. Each package includes 3 toastbags giving you up to 50 uses per toastbag. Better order some now.


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