August 19, 2016

Roast Your Own Coffee at Home

IKAWA is revolutionising the way we roast and drink coffee with the world’s first digital micro-roaster now available for pre-orders worldwide. Take control of your coffee at the push of a button!

IKAWA Home Roaster

The IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster will give coffee enthusiasts around the world the chance to indulge their curiosity and taste buds through roasting their own coffee at home – and controlling the roast recipe from a smart-phone. Say goodbye to stale pre-packaged coffee and unlock a world of flavour and evocative aromas of freshly-roasted coffee in your kitchen! Award-winning start-up IKAWA supply their micro-roasters (IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster) to coffee professionals around the world and completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to enable the first production run of the Home Roaster model. Aimed at consumers, this model is perfect for coffee lovers who want to take their passion to the next level and roast their coffee like a professional, from home.

IKAWA Home Roaster with selection of green coffees - a Kickstarter reward

It’s been a seven year journey for Andrew Stordy who invented the concept while studying at the Royal College of Art and has developed over a hundred prototypes, receiving support from James Dyson in patenting the unique roasting system. The company is now on the brink of changing the way we appreciate coffee for good. “Our micro-roaster is perfect for anyone who loves fantastic coffee – your very first roast will be perfect; the green coffee beans we supply come with a recommended roast recipe which the roaster follows precisely.

Then you can start to get adventurous and use our IKAWA app to change the duration, temperature and even airflow in the machine to open up a world of flavours.” To complement the pioneering machine, IKAWA have been working with coffee producers to source the finest quality green coffee beans from origins such as Burundi, Ethiopia, Brazil and Guatemala, renowned amongst coffee connoisseurs for their distinctive flavour profiles. Andrew grew up in coffee growing countries and has the vision for IKAWA to change the coffee industry for the benefit of coffee growers as well as coffee drinkers. Through innovating the supply chain as well as the technology, IKAWA hope to bring a more pure taste experience to coffee lovers, while also providing a rewarding trading relationship with coffee growers and investing into a quality improvement fund.

IKAWA won an award from Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and was finalist in Hass School of Business Global Social Venture Competition for their micro-roaster and, although it sounds like a futuristic concept, it is already being used as an invaluable tool for leading world coffee professionals who have taken the IKAWA Pro Roaster to origin to test new harvests and then replicate the roasts when back at the office.

Home Coffee Roaster is now available for pre-order from their website and expected to launch worldwide in December 2016.

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