January 14, 2020 London UK Europe

Rosa’s Thai Cafe in London: Order the Pad Thai... it’s Delicious!

It’s not a cafe like its name suggests but a casual Thai eatery. Overheated and not too welcoming, we arrived on a Monday afternoon to a restaurant that is so calm. Music plays in the background but the vibes are dull. Wood covers the walls. Brightly lit and decorated with plates and posters, we sat for lunch.


Rosa’s is known for Pad Thai so we ordered one shrimp. A sweet and sour mix, Thailand’s national dish, it’s stir-fried based on rice noodles with tamarind, palm sugar, eggs, and crushed peanuts.

The Pad Thai is good! Squeeze the lime and enjoy amazing well-cooked noodles, fresh soybeans scrambled eggs omelet, sweet sticky sauce, and five shrimp. Juicy non-dried shrimp. All the way yummy! Forget the inattentive service, the waiters who're chatting with her friend, the client that left unhappy and the non-Asian music... I enjoyed this particular plate.

When in London; Rosa’s Cafe for Pad Thai.

Rosa's: https://goo.gl/maps/jkqviexySKib8EAk9

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