July 14, 2016 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Salem: The Avocado and Cocktail King (Restaurant Closed)

If anyone does fresh fruit cocktails (she2af) right, it's definitely Cocktail Salem. For the past 40 years, Salem, located on Dora highway serves a wide selection of fruit cocktail which I have been enjoying with my family and friends for as long as I remember.


Located on Dora highway, under the bridge next to the roundabout is Salem. White lights, white tiles, an old fridge and a cocktail bar. It is as simple as it looks.

I had the chance to meet Badih Salem the owner whom I've seen a lot but never talked to. When he saw me taking photos he asked me why. When I told him who I am, I was flattered as he showed me that he was following me on Instagram.


Loaded with fresh fruits this large cocktail is for LBP8,000 - ripe avocado, two slices of kiwi, a quarter pineapple set on a bed of Kashta cream and decorated with almonds. Enjoy fresh Kashta, crunchy almonds until you reach the strawberry syrup embracing the fruits. I love the mix of fruits, the right taste and perfect sweetness and of course the generosity of the content... It's this enjoyment and satisfaction I get every time I plunge into the cup that makes me want more.





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