August 13, 2016

Souk el Akel: Chekka 2016

And our tour continues around Lebanon... This weekend we're spending some fun and delicious time by the beach in Chekka. We're on our first day and so far over 4000 people have flocked into this edition of Souk el Akel having a never ending amazing time...

The view of the sunset alone is enough to make you want to come... Grab a bite from any of our endless choice freshly prepared by Souk el Akel's unique food vendors, and a drink of your choice from the large bar set up by the sea and sit and gaze into the sunset like there's no tomorrow.

Of course during the day, the excitement is on with wild activities set for an all day fun by the seashores of beautiful Lebanon... Jet skiing, bungee, Pedalos...Let the images speak for themselves...

We are waiting for you tomorrow and Monday from 10am to 10pm.


SoukelAkel-Chekka3 SoukelAkel-Chekka4



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