April 12, 2016


“Oh delicious hamburger, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”

Alright, before we start writing sonnets to hamburgers, let’s just say that it’s a food that rightly deserves the place it holds in the hearts and minds of meat-eaters around the world. But while U.S. readers might consider it to be a quintessentially American dish – and to be fair, they did turn it into a global culinary superstar – the rest of the world has been quick to integrate hamburgers into their own respective cuisines. Of course, burger-lovers are nothing if not cultural ambassadors when it comes to new takes on their favourite dish, and the worldwide success of the hamburger has seen local chefs providing new and exciting takes on the signature bread and bun combination.

Just look at the “Big Manc” from Solita in Manchester, a burger-lover’s paradise based in the city’s trendy Northern Quarter; which is quickly establishing itself as one of the best spots in the country for burgers and American-style food. Sitting three storeys high and held together by two much-needed skewers, the burger consists of three 6 oz. minced chuck steak patties garnished with pickles, lettuce, Monterey Jack cheese and plenty of Solita’s signature “Big Manc” sauce – and all sandwiched together between three bread buns. And as for the calorie count, it’s probably best to operate under a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy’ with this one.

And that’s just the beginning – in this infographic we’ve scoured the globe and busted our belts to bring you a shortlist of the world’s tastiest and most innovative burgers (and more importantly, where you can eat them). So whether it’s a poutine burger from Canada that sets your mouth watering, or a cheese-stuffed “Juicy Nookie” from Minneapolis, Minnesota that has your jowls wobbling in anticipation, it’s time to buy some loose-fitting trousers and read the rest of our selection before booking your next trip to burger heaven.


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